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Someone who works for a strip club, dj, stripper or anything else.

See that girl over there with no pants on? She is a nasty festizio.
by Fucking anonymous October 12, 2006
Someone who is degenerate or is as morally low or lower as a degenerate. Its origin is on Family Guy when Peter makes up an insult to counter the term "degenerate" which he believes is also makes up.
A degenerate? Well you are a festizio.
by Klotz November 27, 2003
A term that is generally equivalent to tool and douche bag, but used to describe people with an extra-strong sense of undeserved self-importance.

Festizios are often talented individuals, but their accomplishments are always overshadowed by their over-sized egos and tendency to believe everyone love them.
Drake: Dude, we won our lacrosse game yesterday and I had 2 goals!
Matt: That's awesome, nice job Drake!
Drake: I know, there's a reason I'm team captain and all the girls want me.
Matt: ya, cool Drake {walks away and talks to another guy}....God, Drake is so cocky.
Brett: Ya, everyone knows hes a huge festizio.
by Someguy98989 January 31, 2009
when you have a MAJOR crush on somebody who loves your best friend, and you are really sad.
wow. he loves maddy. this is such a festizio!!!
by goldenticket#3 March 04, 2011
a really awesome san francisco based band.
Did you see the Festizio last night at Ireland's? They really saved my life.
by ppod October 22, 2006
Specific: Job title of those who create uncrackable copy protection schemes for software, video (VHS or DVD) or audio (CD or DVD) recordings.

General: Anyone hated by the general public because of what they do for a living.
Welcome to the Macromedia Festizio team.
by SuperTech August 27, 2006
a women lawyer who is obsessed with protecting other women for sexual harassment.
well you are a festizio
by goat bastid/rat bastid November 18, 2004
An awesome band too
Im going to see festizio at the gelato place tonight.
by Cordy May 16, 2004