used in conjunction with any (and i mean any!!)forthcoming action that one is about to do...
i am going to get festively laid tonight

there is all sorts of festive happenings tomorrow

do you want to make a festive cup of tea?
by dward December 13, 2003
Top Definition
flamboyant, gay
"That slice of pizza is festive"
by Matt Parker (parkman47) October 29, 2002
state between buzzed and drunk. The most pleasant of all alcohol induced states.
I had 7 beers, I'm festive
by Dave March 07, 2004
Could mean anything. Could mean bad, could mean good.
Example of bad: Hmm, ok, that is really.......festive."

Example of good: "Oh my God! That is so festive!"
by Whitney February 16, 2003
It´s when a man blows his load in his patrners Anus. Then pulls out two straws and both partners suck said load out of anus.
In celebration to Tammy getting Teacher of the Year. Johnny got festive with Tammy. Now there´s nothing the two won´t do. Sick bastards!
by ThmsMcGuir March 19, 2009
a word to describe something is amazing and cool was used for 1 moth then everyone used it lol so yer woop ti do!! xXx
*Jed* I just got a new osaka top!!
*Natasha* OMG how festive!!
by x-V-x August 10, 2008
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