it is a term meaning for sure. Can be used in everyday conversation. Slang term. Do not use in formal writing.
That movie was pretty Dec.

by Guy's Girl October 30, 2009
Top Definition
1. Slang. For sure, fo shizzle, fo' sho!, etc.
2. Adjective. Misspelling of fresh.
3. Proper noun. A Russian singer people often mix up with Tatu.
1. "Diyah like Fitty Cent?" "Fersh."
2. Her breath was fersh and minty.
3. Viktoria Fersh accompanied Rammstein in their song Moskau.
by Electromagnetic Spectrum January 22, 2008
short for words like "for sure" "fosh" and "fo shizzle"
"Are you ready to go get wiggity-wack at sarah's gang bang tonight?"
by kaitlin andy zoe June 01, 2005
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