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(verb) generally to carry something, not necessarily over water.
"Can you ferry the fridge back to my gaff for nothing mate?"
by Billy-Bob McSanchez April 06, 2005
45 28
(v.) to transport internationally, or accross water.
I will ferry you.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 03, 2004
79 31
ferry is the sexiest man alive!! i want his babies
ferry is hot
by matt-o January 23, 2004
108 84
A pair of shoes that look almost identical to Sperrys except they cost about $40 cheaper.
girl: I need to get some new Sperrys for work, I need to keep these clean.
girl2: just get some ferrys they look the same!
by crackaaaaaaaaaaaaa November 12, 2008
2 3
Slang for "first"
I'm going ferry, e.g. I'll go first.
by Knutty Boy February 11, 2009
12 25
when you and a partner dress up as animals and go to a forest and get it in.
Lets go find a guy whos up to ferry .
by DR PROFESSOR CAROL. December 29, 2010
11 30
another word for fagot
Hey, stop bending your wrist like a ferry!
by elrevisor September 23, 2007
45 79