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A state of extreme disorientation caused by an excessive number of choices or stimuli. Coined by Pete Abrams in the early years of the webcomic, Sluggy Freelance; specifically in reference to the character, Kiki, and her tendency to enter a catatonic state when faced with a large number of 'shiny' things.
When we went to the arcade Mike had a major case of ferret shock; we ended up having to drop him off at the book store.
by FeO2 April 21, 2011
7 2
Being overwhelmed by an abundance of choices, or stimuli in general.

Refers to the mental state of a ferret in a chicken coop, unable to choose a single bird among the panicked flock to attack.
Sally went into ferret shock when her favorite bling shop had a fire sale.

Johnny forgot to take his ADD meds, so he was totally ferret shocked at the carnival.
by GreyStork June 20, 2008
4 3