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Short for " Ferret"
I love my ferr, peenut!!!
by AHALALALAL! January 16, 2010
A universal word: can mean to blow off something/or to really enjoy something; it can replace any word in the English dictionary.
Dude I gotta nine o clock class tomorrow, ferr on it, lets go drinking.
You wanna smoke a bowl of dank....ferr!
by Chris Carpino August 31, 2003
used to retaliate an insult or sassy remark without having to come up with a good comeback
also to annoy others who constanly are sarcastic or sassy
and when you are tired and too lazy to say actual words
" hey fredyou look tired, i hope me and your mom didn't wake you up last night hahahah"
reply "ferr!"
by slamdunksweetie2 October 13, 2009