A word of endless uses.
1 - "DUDE!!! I just took the biggest friggin' ferhekadumper!!! The inside of my butt feels like if Edward Scissorhands has been living there for 2 years... Oh, and I think your toilet is clogged."

2 - "Ferhekadumper!!! I stubbed my toe!!!"

3 - "I just hate those kids who always think they know what there talking about. They just get on my ferhekadumpers."

4 - "Well johnny... you're fired." "You can't do this sir, I'm really need this job. I have ferhekadumpers to feed."

5 - "Is that all for you today?" "Well, do you have any of the OTHER movies? You know, like Girls Gone Ferhekadumper."
by Daniel Valdez July 27, 2007
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