The woman who looks sexy as hell in the music video for "My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas.
*me watching the music video for "My Humps" and sees Fergie's ass*

Me: *spits out drink* DAYUUUM!!!!!!
#sexy #hot #boner magnet #beautiful #gorgeous
by Fergie Lover May 01, 2010
Top Definition
To secrete urine or any other bodily fluids onto one's pants.
"Oh shit, I just fergied all over myself!"
by Kerry L. August 11, 2005
A nasty white woman who thinks she can sing and thinks she'll do good enough without the black eyed peas. Her song London Bridge is disgusting just like her over applied make up and dance movies. "Its" something that decent people would cringe at.
Woman: I wanna dress like a whore and scare my husband off. what should i do?

Woman #2: Just dress like Fergie
#slut #whore #white trash #ugly #gross
by The Bad Q August 09, 2006
1. (to be a Fergie) To be the token white girl or boy in a group of black origin. (not just in a musical context)

2. (to pull a Fergie) To think you can sing, yet when faced with a live performance, the other members have to keep you afloat because you're so bad.

3. (to be a Fergie) To be dog-ugly, really, actually look like a dog.

4. (to Fergie on) To completely destroy the credibility and respect a group once had or replace a greater former member (s).
1. Why the fuck is she hanging with us? We a black crew, she the only white girl, what a fuckin' Fergie!

2. Did you see Ciara perform "Goodies" last night? Damn, the girl hot as, but she pulled a Fergie fo sho!

3. I was nearly sick! She a Fergie if I ever saw one!

4. I used to be feelin' Destiny's Child, but Michelle just Fergied on them.
#dog #bitch #karaoke #yoko ono #sell-out
by mos-def June 20, 2006
completely annoying female "singer" whose song lyrics have nothing to do with anything. my cat can write better songs. some people think she is hot, but i really don't know what they are talking about. she used to be with the black eyed peas, or might still be but who really cares.
fergie is one of those people that makes me wonder if it is really that easy to become famous
#fergie #fergalicious #black eyed peas #singer #ugly
by viktoria December 10, 2006
Skanky lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas formerly in the girl group Wild Orchid.
Fergie sings in BEP.
#skank #ho #pop #wigger #london bridge
by 1069 September 25, 2006
To put out music that quite frankly just isn't music.
Want to hear my new song, "Fergalicious"?
No. Don't fergie me, please.
#non-music #fergalicious #london bridge sucks #blows #bep
by Mark LFsd January 14, 2007
A horrible singer who needs to get off the TV and radio. Once unrinated herself on stage.
Fergie: Uh-oh. I dids it agains.
#kidfiddling #kidfiddlology #kidfiddler #kidfiddlii #kidfiddle #kid #fiddle
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