a fenian is an Irish Catholic. loyal to the pope and disloyal to the queen and sovereign. decided to uprise in 1916 WHILST britain was at war with germany...what an honourable thing to do. also support celtic, because they think the times are changing for the club..infact until they can match over 50 titles they can keep trying because they have a good 20years left of the stuff. normally loyal to the IRA, responsible for killing man of our british citizens and young vulnerable children and pregant women as the Omagh bombing showed.
A: hey look theres a fenian coming towards
B: hide your rings and take cover
by Josh Bartholomew December 17, 2006
blacknecks who swarm to the giro q at every given oppurtunity.
that wee fenian needs a wash
by jackshaw8 April 16, 2005
Term commonly used in N. Ireland to describe Catholics who desire a united Ireland and ram there tri-colour flag (strange how a person born within the UK would sport the flag of another country and claim it as there own) down other peoples throat. They however never have any trouble or much to say when it comes time to collect their state benefits in sterling sporting the image of Queen Elizabeth 2, which they would not get down south or in the unlikely event of a united Ireland.

This is not a term of endearment and infact derives from an irish word, so it's ironic that Protestants use a foreign (Irish) word against Catholics.
See also taig , Sinead O'Connor, Jerry Adams
"Fuck off back the south ya dirty, fenian, scummy, bastard"

"1st step toward a united Ireland is when those fenians give up there benefit books and stop accepting the queens' money for nothing"
Common term used to describe sub human beings that populate certain areas of Glasgow and Ulster.Can be recognised by green and grey/brown stained hooped shirts.The creatures have not evolved socially or economically for 150 years as immigrants,where as other immigrants to Scotland have flourished and become an inportant part of the Countries social and economic vitality,like Asians,Italians and English immigrants.
One important feature to remember about these unfortunate creatures is their parasitical nature,they don't work and beg mostly as a past-time,waiting to collect their giros.Also to be noted is that they are very paranoid,extremely ugly and have dreadful personal hygeine.
In closing,despite having their own schools,paid for by the state,and having every opportunity to better them selves they still remain to this day the festering bigotted sore on Scottish society.
Haw get tae fuck away fae the wheel trims ya smelly fenian basturt.

by KevanBarry June 12, 2006
Used by people not living in Ireland or Northen Ireland to offend the inhabitants. If the person being abused is a Catholic then he will be offended that someone not of his blood is calling him thus and is most likely to twat the offender. If aimed at a protestant (usually from Northern Ireland) then he will be vexed by the fact he is being compared to a Fenian and is most likely to twat the offender.
See you fenian cunt, i'll cut you first!

Nice on nancy, cop a load of this!
by Rikki Sixx February 19, 2005
Fenian, a derogatory term used against Irish Catholics, a close meaning to "rebel". Nothing to do with an irish warrior or most the other stuff put on here.
"I'm a fenian and so was mic collins"
by michaelcollins September 10, 2003
The fenian is a fithy breed from northern ireland who support groups like IRA/Sinn Fein, INLA, RIRA etc whose aim was to kill innocent protestants. You can tell a fenian and a protestant apart because protestants are clean and because a fenians eyes are very close together. One way of telling a fenian for those who are not sure is to do the KEY HOLE test. Basically you ask a fenian to look through the key hole at you and if you can see both his/her eyes then they are a fenian, they should then be beaten to a pulp with a blunt implement (make sure you have a shower afterwards)highly toxic!!!
Most fenians have been buggered or fingered by there local priest and don't mind when a priest is arrested and put in jail for these sick offences. Instead of being disgusted like the rest of the normal people in the world they support the priest/buggerer and send him up cigarettes, alcohol, gay porn mags, an phoblact and a 9mm browning pistol to hold for the IRA.
The fenian has a laughable style that consists of skinhead haircuts with a fringe, bumfluff moustaches, missing teeth, cheap fake gold necklaces and massive pikey/gypsy earings and they were nike air max with everything(they think they're cool LOL)and thats just the girls.
A protestant teaches their kids love and respect and encourages them to work hard and provide for their family,
A fenian however teaches their kids to steal, joyride, not to work and rape elderly people.
A fenian hates the british, but ironically takes his/her brew every week from the british.
A fenian has no respect for the dead and can be seen at funerals wearing celtic tops, tracksuits, jeans and air max. A protestant wears a suit etc
prod "you're a fenian"
fenian " how do you know"
Prod " apart from your stench, hideous haircut, missing teeth, laughable moustache, cheap jewellery, fake designer gear, nike air max trainers and celtic top, you're eyes are far too close together, you soap dodging roman".

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