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Fence plowing is the act of running head-long into any type of fence with the intention of knocking it down and/or putting a hole in it. The craze was not surprisingly started by a group of Long Island, New York teenagers and has rapidly spread to all corners of the United States. The problem reached maximum lulz when a man by the name of Mr. Kesselman was interviewed on CNN because his fence got utterly pwned. Search Youtube for fenceplowing for the interview and the hilarious video.
Yo nigga i just lit up sum ganja wanna go fence plowing?
by Corbyn, Fool February 06, 2007
A new craze popular on YouTube showing obviously drunk teenagers running full on through a fence. Has been deemed illegal as vandalism. Invented by a young man you freely admits he was "about 3 beers deep" when he encouraged his friend to attempt to run through a piece of fence at his cousins house after Hurricane Katrina.
Several teenagers on Long Island have been arrested for Fence Plowing at night
by Pablo's discharge February 08, 2007