A female or feminine Emo

A Gay Emo mixed with faggot. Also See gemo

A Geeky Emo.

A Fat Emo.

A French Emo. Which makes this person gay.

Jordan Rose.

Foreskin on a fat mans dick.
Hey Nancy Pelosi is in Syria, Man she's a Femo.

Jordan is cutting himself to "Its raining men", he's a real Emo.

George Bush hates Femos.
by Edward Beck April 28, 2007
Top Definition
femo, fake emo aka emo joe. this is a rare disease that infects the non sensitive that want to be emo. this femo can cause you to dye your hair black, start to wear tight clothing materials,listen to emo, and cry on and on about how it rains to much in manchester
femo joe trys to be emo by dyeing his hair black.
by nick margiotti October 10, 2004
Fucking emo

Fucking emo
"Look at that femo over there"


"Bunch of Femo's"
by JimmyH September 23, 2006
A Food-Emo, instead of the typical Emo where they may try to hurt themselves when depressed, a Femo, goes out of his/her way to obtain food as soon as possible, and stuff themselves in act to make themselves feel better, usually resulting in an unhealthy lifestyle.

They are generally overweight, and maybe shy and self-conscious about their weight.
Chelsea was being such a Femo sitting in the corner sulking while eating a bag of greasy chips.
by SteveSim September 04, 2007
1. Fake Emo. See poser.

2. Female Emo. A girl that is emo.
I am too lazy to write an example...
by JennaQ June 24, 2005
A person that both pertains and strives to be an Emo (i.e. wears dark/neon clothing, make up, straightens hair), but is too Fat to fit into a pair of skinny jeans/drainpipes and is thereby demoted to an entity known to the world, from today (25th of June 2011), as a Femo
Tony: Hey, did you see that Femo at the Sellinge festival?
Mark: You bet I did-he was claiming to be an emo, but he spent most of his time at the burger van
by Mike Ramshaw June 25, 2011
When a girl/boy pretends to be emo but in fact is not. She/He will most likely listen to such crap as: good charlotte, panic at the disco, and my chemical romance
She's bringing those femo girls with her tonight.


Look at those femo guys cutting themselves. jeez
by ritalin grunz April 12, 2007
One who is a fake emo. This species often wears black to show their feelings, and uses many "hms" and ellipsis (. . .) in text messaging. Can often be spotted listening to Coldplay (in the most emo way possible, of course) and telling everyone about their most recent attempted suicide.
Ugh that kid is such a femo. If he was truly emo, he wouldn't brag about his "depression"
by M.C.'s Hammer September 20, 2009
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