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Femme fatigue is what a man reaches when he’s burned out with pursuing women only to realize again and again that they are primarily all the same with regards to their sense of entitlement and the obstacles he must endure just to get some stink on his dick. This whole process costs him time and money and most always reminds him that the greater majority of women justify a man's staying single and redundantly invokes the same question: Who the hell would put up with this bitch?! Still, the situation repeats as his need for sexual gratification builds up and he’s forced to once again subject himself to the social meet up and dating scenes to re-endure his limits of frustration and sacrificial finances required to continue this bullshit.
Hey dude, are you headed out tonight?

No, I’ve got a bad case of femme fatigue and don’t have the patience for their bullshit. I may just avoid the whole fucking game and call a hooker.
by Big Ed Moustapha September 10, 2011
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