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Femmale (/fæm meɪl/ , fem-male), feminine male, or femme male, is a term for a male that acts like a female, but still keeping his male figure. Femmale are not necessarily gay, tranny, cross-dressers, or metrosexual, they just acts like a female to a certain extent until a line can be drawn whether they could be categorized as the afformentioned terms. A person can determine a femmale by noticing his gestures and activities, like gossiping, flamboyant body language, kissing cheeks before and/or after meeting someone despite of gender, and tone of voice.
Joshie: "Girls, it's been a wonderful evening, but unfortunately I have to go." *kiss them on both cheeks* "Tally ho! Don't forget to text me!"
Cameron: "See ya, Joshie!"
Jenny: "Wow, I didn't expect Josh to be so..."
Cameron: "Feminine? Yeah, that's what I thought too! I guess he's a femmale."
by Rokuma June 27, 2014
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the proper name for a male who acts like a female. Pronounced like fem-male. Combo of feminine and male.
Omg! Rian is such a femmale!
by V2MoFro April 28, 2010

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