someone who believes in equal rights for men and women,
i'm a girl and i have a feeling this'll never happen. if men and women were equal, guys would have permission to hit me right in the face and who wants that?

note: feminists and femiNAZIS are very different, just so you know.
example of feminist: myself, sort of
example of feminazi: warped minded, bra burning, hairy monster woman who screams at the smallest thing. see, Rosie O'Donnell.
by girl369x February 02, 2008
A women that refuses to cook you some eggs
man-"Go cook me some eggs"
feminist-"NO go get a job"
by wildboy77 May 24, 2010
Someone who is conveniently absent on lifeboats.
Feminist: "Women should make the same money for the same position, even if we take more time off."

5 minutes later

Feminist: "Outta my way! Women and children first!"
by TheClutch October 11, 2013
People who say they hate misogyny and chauvinism but are really just glorified misandrists who are the ultimate hypocrites, basically gender nazis.
derp feminist.
by herp derpington December 04, 2012
1. A woman who turns a relationship with a bad father or husband into a political agenda, seeking not equality, but revenge.

2. A woman who decries the supposed misogyny of men by bashing everything masculine in sight.

3. An obsequious man, who parrots whatever he thinks will earn the approval and attention of women.

4. All of the above.
Margie attended the feminist rally, then put her son on ritalin and bad mouthed his father till the boy hated him.
by TheHappyMisogynist April 21, 2009
A retarded female that thinks all females are better than males and want a society that can not reproduce because they want no more sex in the world. They also think that if you look at them in the slightest bit of a sexual way that you are going to rape them. Also they do not back up any of there points or belifeves about the discrimination between the two sexes. Din't men and women became equal in the 1910s-1920s?
Feminist:I am a feminist so there for i am better than males
Regular Guy: I thought that men and women where equal.
Feminist: You think that Men are better than woman.
Regular GUy: No, i think we are the same in quality.
Feminist: You think that females are the same a females.
Regular guy:No i just said that...
Feminist:FUck you sexist.
Regualr guy:?
by JohnConquest1337 August 06, 2013
A feminist is a person who "fights" for "equality" that women already have. Most tend to whine and complain about how women are "under-represented in video games" or other petty unimportant issues, such as legitimate oppression in the Middle East. They fail to realize that women have all the same rights as men in any given first world country, and they simply want more.
"The feminist over there is arguing that she shouldn't be held responsible for her actions. What a cunt!"

"She wants 'equality' but wants to keep the divorce court biased towards women? What a feminist."b
by Hexadecimated June 06, 2014

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