A brilliant and brave person that depraved misogynists love to hate.
Feminism is

"the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes" --- merriam webster dictionary

Those who oppose feminism by default agree with misogyny and sexism (see other definitions of feminism)

A feminist is the most honorable person around.
by The Happy Humanist April 28, 2010
A Feminist can be defined as a woman who is too functionally retarded(slow) to understand the the basic roles which have been biologically programmed into every mammal over the course of billions of years of evolutionary perfection. According to Feminists, nature is sexist and discriminatory towards women because evolution has given them the role of a nurturer instead of a provider(such as men). The most common cause of feminism is the lack of a strong father figure while growing up, which then leads to confusion in terms of their gender orientated roles(ie. father didn't directly provide for the child because mommy left him). Another cause for Feminism is social pressure, as Feminism has become the norm in most of North America and Europe. Due to this peer pressure, women who grew up in strong, healthy families are shunned by those who have grown up in broken families, until they too behave in such a manner (Misandric).

This leads to the great question: "Who is oppressing who?" could it be possible that women are oppressing their own gender?

The common Feminist can be misleading, especially the educated feminist who grew up in a privileged family(The hipster Feminist). While they wage war on men, they claim they want "equality".

Which leads to the next question: "In Western society, in which way is a female not equal to a man?".

Perhaps they are more privileged than men? Maybe they have huge social, political, legal, and financial advantages over men?
Gender orientated roles:

In all species of mammals, the female raises their offspring and feeds them breast milk, that's just their natural roles.

Lets look at wolves. Everybody loves wolves, right?

While the female is pregnant with it's offspring, she takes shelter in her den and rests while the male goes out to hunt for food and protect the den from outside threats, such as other wolves, raccoons, etc.

After the female has given birth, she stays with the pups for many months only leaving occasionally to drink water or hunt small pray such as mice, while the male continues to provide for the family and protect them.

Now we have women here(feminists), who believe these roles that have been biological programmed into every mammal is sexist, and they believe they can just change nature to their likings. They want to be exactly identical to men, if not superior(quite a few mentally + emotionally unstable womenfeminists have come up with very sadistic and twisted "solutions" for this "problem").
by the_mind_is_matter August 30, 2012
A person who holds that inequality exists between men and women, with women being treated as the inferior sex. American Feminists accomplished much in the 20th century, winning the write to vote, to work, and taking major steps towards total gender equality(we still aren't there, but the inequalities go both ways).

From it's very inception, there was bound to be problems down the road. If you have a ideology solely dedicated to solving the problems faced by one gender, it's going to ignore the problems faced by the opposite sex. For instance, child custody, prison sentences(women on average get 40% less prison time for equivalent crimes), cases of abuse(males being abused is seen as joke in american society), and divorce. Females in the USA hold a major edge over males in these areas, and yet I've never seen any feminists protests or even bring up any of these inequalities.

There still many places on earth where the term "patriarchy" would serve as an apt description of how women are treated. But when it comes to first world nations, especially the US, patriarchy just doesn't cut it.

One would think that any true feminist would focus on helping women in places where acid is thrown on a girl's face if she leaves home without her husband, instead of focusing on how the media "sexualizes" women, or how this movie portrays women as weak or that game portrays women as horny bimbos.

Just seems a bit silly to me.
Feminist 1: "This magazine portrays women nothing but fuck toys for the Patriarchy"

Feminist 2: " I would love to go protest the horrid living conditions of women in Iran, but that new movie came out that features a women who has sex a lot. It must be saying that all women are just sluts! We must stop the patriarchy from oppressing us!
by Spartacus 1244 January 17, 2013
A person who supports equal rights. This word is often misused by people claiming to want equal rights but really just wanting special treatment, and people who think all feminists act as such. Now considered a bad thing, and often used as an insult.

Feminists are often NOW members.
(The misuse of "feminist")
Jane: Well, John, I think that since we're doing the same amount of work in the exact same position, don't you think I should be earning the same amount of money?
John: Jane, if you keep talking like that everyone's going to think you're a feminist.
Jane: OH MY GOD! I'm sorry, I'm not a feminist, I don't want anyone to think that!
(Correct usage)
Jane: Well, John, I think that since we're doing the same amount of work in the exact same position, don't you think I should be earning the same amount of money?
John: Jane, if you keep talking like that everyone's going to think you're a feminist.
Jane: Well, John, I am. And I'm proud of it. I just want equal pay.
by Kathryn F. Clarenbach/ E.C. June 03, 2009
A feminist is the bravest and most honourable person (man or woman) out there who has the guts to stand up to all the irrational, MANIC HATE that every single man on this site expresses toward women.

Please read the entries and you will realize how much women are hated by men and how much we need feminism. And you will be genuinely afraid. Who are these people?

Equality is more that being equal under the law. We will have true equality when
- men are encouraged to have a bikini wax twice a month (200 US Dollars), legs and armpits as well please
- men have to wear high heels that mutilate their feet and skirts and tiny tops
- men are told that they are worthless if they have wrinkles and therefore have to buy anti-aging products like there’s no tomorrow
- men will be ostracized severely if they wear the same piece of clothing twice
- beautiful men marry ugly women as frequently as beautiful women marry ugly men
- men take the last names of their wives as frequently as women do
- “pussy” and “cunt” are no longer used as insults
- men and women split the household chores and the “bringing up kids” duties evenly
- women no longer get paid less for the same work
- 95 % of domestic and sexual violence are no longer committed by men against women
- … The list could go on forever

There is no equality, not even in the Western world. If you are a fair person (man or woman) you will agree and try to make this world a better place for EVERYONE. Men and women.
Jason: I am a feminist.
Redeck #1: Boooooooo Hoooooooo Let's kill him, boys!!!!!
Nomal person: Wow Jason, you have balls to risk the wrath of every hick out there!
by The Happy Humanist February 08, 2010
An ugly and/or emotionally inept woman who feels that the problems in her life are caused by her gender rather than her own incompetence and sloth.

Rather than bettering a woman's situation in the world, they'd much rather try to drag men down to their level of filth/incompetence.
I believe all men should be castrated to prevent rape, such is one of the fundamental basics of being a modern feminist!
by Anita Sarkeesian July 11, 2012
People who say they hate misogyny and chauvinism but are really just glorified misandrists who are the ultimate hypocrites, basically gender nazis.
derp feminist.
by herp derpington December 04, 2012

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