A person who laughs hysterically at the penises who have the nerve to whine about the evil evil feminists while the penises are the ONLY REAL victims because - and get that - they are also discriminated against and actually have to open doors and go to war and those horrible objects called women - yeah, get that - really didn't have it that bad.

They were only defamed by every religious text, burnt as witches, robbed of their right to receive an education, vote and own property in a marriage up until the 19th century. 13 year old girls in Afghanistan are being married off to 60 year old abusers and dare complain. Yeah, the whimps.

Look here, strong men, we go to war, open the doors, and earn the money (all things we do anyway) and you bear the children.


Yeah, didn't think so.
Bobby Tom (IQ 27): Oh man, I hate those chicks ... those, what's the word ... feminists. They steal out thunder, man. We are the real victims. Dude, I took this chick on a date, Chuck E. Cheese, and I totatally had to pay the bill. I want equality!
Jason (IQ 120): You poor soul. But if you want real equality, that would mean that they have to pay the bill but we have to push living, breathing beings out of our bodies. Do you want that, Bobby Tom?
by The Happy Humanist January 17, 2010
A brilliant and brave person that depraved misogynists love to hate.
Feminism is

"the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes" --- merriam webster dictionary

Those who oppose feminism by default agree with misogyny and sexism (see other definitions of feminism)

A feminist is the most honorable person around.
by The Happy Humanist April 28, 2010
Someone who believes in equality between men and women.
I want to see the sexist pigs who try to define feminists without having a clue.
by Krystel July 27, 2005
A person who feels that gender roles are arbitrary and lame and who believes in equal rights.

This is the most common kind, although there are many different kinds.
i guess Kathleen Hannah
by James November 13, 2004
A feminist is a person who believes that there is still a need for social change in the treatment of women. There are many different kids of feminism.... Marxist feminism, radical feminism, liberal feminism, psychoanalytical feminism... etc. Liberal feminism is the most common among white middle class women who simple believe in equal rights for women. However, feminism is not only about the legal rights of women, but the social attitudes about women as well.
One example is the epidemic of eating disorders among young women who are influenced by society to stay thin. Many feminists believe that this stems from the male desire (conscious or subconscious) to keep women small and vulnerable.
There are many issues which need to be addressed. Feminists also believe that males are oppressed by social standards they are raised with. For example, it is socially unacceptably for men to cry in public, whereas it's perfectly normal for women. These are social standards that limit the full potential of both genders. Men who are threatened by feminists should learn more about feminism before they insult is, as feminism really has nothing to do with the concept of hating men. We believe that men are oppressed as well. There are 'male studies' courses popping up in universities all over the world. Women just happened to think of it first.
If a man really takes the time to learn what feminism is, he will probably consider himself a feminist as well.
by YourMom July 06, 2004
A female who seeks equality. Often confused with feminazis. Unlike feminazi they feel that men and women should be equally treated at all cost, feminazis go beyong equality and acts like women are superior.
There's nothing wrong with being a feminist and seeking equality.
by wuurrp May 19, 2008
A feminist is anyone who supports gender equality for women. A feminist also:
- hates it when women are objectified by men

-is upset that the Equal Rights Amendment still is yet to be passed
-is someone who fucking hates misogynists and will kick their fucking asses if they even so much as utter a sexist comment
-secretly thinks girls are way better than guys and should be more present in politics excluding Sarah Palin and Meg Whitman (both disgraces to womenkind)

Note: All women should be offended by misogynistic and degrading comments; society just feels the need to classify women who are outspoken about it
Guy: Dude, you kick like a girl

Feminist (overhearing comment): As a woman and feminist who is offended by that comment, I request that you take it back

Guy: No way, bitch

Any Girl in this situation, not just a feminist: You fucking chauvinist pig, go fuck yourself
by Hit Girl 222 October 26, 2010

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