Ideology with many varying strands of thought. Some are genuinely noble and admirable with a sensible idealism, others are poisonous and based on a simplistic view of men.

However, the American Feminist movement has become so narrowly focused in recent years it has become a joke.

US Feminism has no working-class dimension, being dominated by middle class and Jewish women, and if anything it regards working-class women with a barely concealed contempt.
The Feminists did not condemn the exploitation of Jessica Lynch, which should have absolutley enraged them. Their behaviour towards Miss Lynch seriously weakened their already damaged credibility.

The US Feminist movement has no working-class base, making it impossible for it to achieve it's self-declared aims.
by A Guy February 05, 2005
An individual who dares to support and/or advocate for gender equality.
Did you see that feminist over there? They think that people should be equal! scandalous!
by Fish-k October 19, 2014
A woman either suffering from PMS or on her period who, from being out of the kitchen for too long, has reached the faulty conclusion that men and women are equal.
Alright you feminist, men and women ARE equal. Now go make me a sandwich
by Dub P April 26, 2005
1 - Definition : A Feminist is a person that Believes in equal gender rights and it is the act of treating man and women as equals on everyday life. Most people are by definition feminists (in contrary to their own belief).

2 - Political Stance : People that refer to themselves as feminists because they think that women are oppressed and treated worse compared to men. Most people that refer to themselves as feminists in the western world are the exact opposite of the word feminist because they believe woman are oppressed or because they treat men different from women (henceforth their political agenda to improve women rights).

Yes. The Political Stance on improving women rights that is called feminism (2) is technically anti-feministic (1) because it states that woman are treated unequal and because the stanceholder treats woman and man differently from eachother.
(most likely a feminist) : "I hate feminism because their all a bunch of man-hating dykes."

(anti-feminist) : "Everybody hates me because I am a woman."
by Actual Interpretation June 12, 2013
Ugly lesbians. (please disregard the rest of this definition, I had to meet the cock-sucking 20 letter-3 word requirement)
Cook my food bitches! (refering to feminists)
A term that used to mean "someone who thinks women should be equal to men" but nowadays generally means "a woman who thinks men should bow to women."
Man: Hey hun wanna have sex?
Feminist: Any male initiated sex is rape!
by cabby1234 September 02, 2011
A womyn who (ideally) wants both genders to be equal and equally treated. Feminists want prejudice between the genders to stop. Sadly, they have come to be known as viscious, man-hating extremists.
What we see-

Feminist: "Wer" was Old English for "man" and "wif" was Old English for womyn. Why have "man" and "woman" replaced them?! I want nothing to do with those pigs! Any wymyn who wear makeup, long hair, or skirts are endangering our civil rights! I want to see more men dead! Oh, and I'm proud of those who don't marry men and those who have aborted their children!

What they're meant to be-

"Feminist: Womyn want to be treated with respect and be treated equally to men whenever possible."
by Pookie November 28, 2004
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