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A real bitch .Wanting to steal power from men, wanting to subject men and degrade men. A suppressor of men with freedom . An enemy of traditional men. A destroyer of male ambition, a perverter of truth and a manipulating lier . Send them to antartica and the world will breathe a sigh of relief.
Have a research on the internet and discover some twisted views from some twisted feminists
by tabrin May 19, 2006
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1. A person who believes that members of both genders should have equal rights.
2. A woman with a pathological hatred of men, double standards, sexist views, etc. who disguises it by hiding behind the feminist ideology.
1. 'Men and women should equal opporunities in the jobs market.'

2. 'I'm deeply insecure and take it out on men because I've had bad experiences with them in the past.'
by honest bob January 19, 2005
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there are two types of femanists
a woman who believes in equal opportunity for men and women to thrive in the workplace and for other such good causes as right to choose and stopping domestic violence. they realize that women have come a long way in the past 30 years, and that now it is their job to wipe out such blemishes as wife-beating lowlife scum, or sister-fucking, Jesus-sucking rednecks who think that all we need to do is fuck to procreate, and then die. these are the good type of feminists. they dont need to belong to a femi-religious cult to be feminists, just donate a couple of bucks here and there.

the crazy assed feminazi cunt-dykes who have been done wrong by men, and can't seem to get out of the seventies. their visions of equality is a female dominated world in which men are used for fucking and lifting. they whine that men have better jobs than them just cuz there husband can't perform good enough in bed. they think that housewifes are man dominated scum that need to be liberated, not that a housewife is just as important to a family as a working mom and that when a woman wants to feel sexy, she should not be permitted to do so. they are not for female rights as much as they are for there woman dominated world
feminist #1: i feel feminism is a woman's right to choose, and if a woman wants to be a housewife, let her!

Feminist #2: Housewifes are just man robots, and need to be freed, lets get out the bra burning machine again! were taking this shit '76 style!
by 12345432112345 August 28, 2006
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1) n. A person who supports female equality.

Few understand that by helping some sexist men without anger towards them, leads to a better society. The person with this attitude has the right idea.

2) adj. Has potential to be a bitch

The slightly less intellegent sister of the feminist who refuses to shave, wants pure equality and yet still expects the male to pay for her meals, open doors, etc...

More than often "feminazis" are found at colleges harrasing men, and/or not shaving to completely destroy diversity. Many Women get confused on the matter and point out nearly ever male as a threat to the female, and constantly believe all they want is sex, without realizing the natural behavior some men go through. See bitch
"The feminists were aiding the help of one confused man who was naturally too horny for society, while the feminazis bitched and complained over made up inequalities on campus.
by Job White August 31, 2004
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Well, traditionally not a bad concept; i suppose women deserve rights and to be equal too, but unfortunaly (like evreything on this damn planet) it became extreme for many people. A Feminist is anyone who supports the ideal that women are just as equal to men (is not gender specific), but due to human stupidity, it got twisted by some extreme women into one of those: women are so much smarter and better than men, and men are evil rotten people; isin't that lovely?
Correct Feminist Discussion:

Steve: Do you think women deserve equal rights as men?
Joe: Yeah why not?
Kate: Women are just as equal to men, and they both deserve equal rights in society!

Incorrect Femininst Discussion:
Lenny: Yeah i think women and men are equal in society, and should be treated as such
Martha: Ha! Dont make me laugh! Women are so much smarter, kinder, and better people than men!
Kira: Yeah this world would be sooo much better with no men!
by Celt101 November 26, 2009
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Man/thing looking woman that never had a boyfriend or only whipped some poor soul into being her boyfriend that hold stong anti male political veiws and beliefs. Generaly known by men as dikes.
John: Dude, that girl has more hair on her face than a confederate soldier!
Max: Yeah, she hates all guys, she's definatly a feminist.
by Dudefries August 25, 2005
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One who is completely flat chested and in not scoring any cock, resorts to blaming they're lack of pleasure on men for being "pigs".

One who complains about not being able to go out and work but complains of having to work once given the opportunity.

One who sleeps all day and gets fed by men but complains about his/her life anyways. See bitch
"The feminist complained about not being able to work but refused to bring home the baco once given the oppurtunity."
by Peter Griffin January 12, 2005
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