Someone who channels her unused sexual energy through coming on Urban Dictionary every day to thumb up the first page definitions for feminist, feminism, and feminazi.
Notice the difference in the thumbs up/down ratio between page one and the rest of the pages on the feminist, feminazi, and feminism definitions.
#fascist #feminism #bigot #feminazi #nazism
by 1sjsjsj1 December 04, 2011
That 45-year-old female at the singles party saying, "Me? No, I never believed in any of that shit."
"I used to be a feminist until the GLC grants ran out."
#shyster #hypocrite #charlatan #sell-out #mercenary #bigot
by Andrew Strand February 10, 2007
A feminist is the bravest and most honourable person (man or woman) out there who has the guts to stand up to all the irrational, MANIC HATE that every single man on this site expresses toward women.

Please read the entries and you will realize how much women are hated by men and how much we need feminism. And you will be genuinely afraid. Who are these people?

Equality is more that being equal under the law. We will have true equality when
- men are encouraged to have a bikini wax twice a month (200 US Dollars), legs and armpits as well please
- men have to wear high heels that mutilate their feet and skirts and tiny tops
- men are told that they are worthless if they have wrinkles and therefore have to buy anti-aging products like there’s no tomorrow
- men will be ostracized severely if they wear the same piece of clothing twice
- beautiful men marry ugly women as frequently as beautiful women marry ugly men
- men take the last names of their wives as frequently as women do
- “pussy” and “cunt” are no longer used as insults
- men and women split the household chores and the “bringing up kids” duties evenly
- women no longer get paid less for the same work
- 95 % of domestic and sexual violence are no longer committed by men against women
- … The list could go on forever

There is no equality, not even in the Western world. If you are a fair person (man or woman) you will agree and try to make this world a better place for EVERYONE. Men and women.
Jason: I am a feminist.
Redeck #1: Boooooooo Hoooooooo Let's kill him, boys!!!!!
Nomal person: Wow Jason, you have balls to risk the wrath of every hick out there!
#feminism #women #men #equality #hate
by The Happy Humanist February 08, 2010
Flatchested bitch whose only goal in life is to find new things to complain about.
Hey feminist I got a joke for you. Why do women have boobs?
So you got something to look at when your talking to em. Which is why I dont talk to you.
by Peter Griffin January 17, 2005
what women call sexisim
Alice: You Sexist man pigs have ruled our country long enough

Fred: Thats Sexist

Alice: Wrong were feminist
#sexist #women #men #mymother #haha
by LoudlyLaughingLizardsLOL July 22, 2008
More PC word for Fat-Arsed-Dyke
"Damn Dykes.... I mean Feminists"
#feminist #lesbian #dyke #fat-arsed #dickheads
by GAH! November 08, 2006
won't care for gay people... or straight people for that matter
Girl: Hey! get down from from there! i know gay marriage is wrong and all that, but if they want to get it done, let them.
Crowd: Awww,
Guy: >=( feminist bitch!
Crowd: what???
#feminist #bitch #girl #guy #crowd
by your best idiot March 14, 2010
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