A womyn who (ideally) wants both genders to be equal and equally treated. Feminists want prejudice between the genders to stop. Sadly, they have come to be known as viscious, man-hating extremists.
What we see-

Feminist: "Wer" was Old English for "man" and "wif" was Old English for womyn. Why have "man" and "woman" replaced them?! I want nothing to do with those pigs! Any wymyn who wear makeup, long hair, or skirts are endangering our civil rights! I want to see more men dead! Oh, and I'm proud of those who don't marry men and those who have aborted their children!

What they're meant to be-

"Feminist: Womyn want to be treated with respect and be treated equally to men whenever possible."
by Pookie November 28, 2004
A real feminist would be a man or woman who believes in the equal rights, both political and social, of both the sexes. Sadly these types of feminist hardly ever exist, usually people that claim to be "femenist" are women who had a traumatic experience with men in their life and feel like that they should blame all men for the things they experienced with one individual.
Jordan was beat when she was young, now she claims to be feminist, a person that believes in equal rights of the sexes, but really she just wants to take her insecurities and anger out on men. She has never met a true Gentlemen.
by papa cheez whip July 29, 2011
A female supremacist
That Feminist is Pro-Choice, as in women have complete control over whether a fetus is brought to term while men have no control.

That Feminist believes that female virtue is innately superior and that men are responsible for all bad and nothing good.
by IBlokes January 10, 2011
1. a bitch.

2. a woman who is ugly and has no chance at getting married.
1. man: can you believe that feminist?

other man: yeah she needs a good fucking.

2. Woman: The only reason she hates men is cause they refuse to touch her.

Other woman: she should become a lesbian.
by anananamous January 29, 2008
1)a single female

Feminist: Men treat women like shit
Woman: Well you should leave him
Feminist: Leave who?

by The jive experience November 23, 2007
bitch was the only word but this stupid thing wants three words and 20 letters.
that is a feminist.
that is a bitch.
two sentences same thing.
by don't know shut up March 07, 2008
A nightmare with tits.
As a feminist, I've decided that the thing between my legs is the sum of my identity and the cause of all my problems.
by Nicosticko July 16, 2006

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