A sexist, male hating individual, solely concerned with female supremacy and the denigration of all males and boys. A compulsive neurotic individual that claims positive discrimination is not sexist or dicrimnation against one half society.
Sufferers from severe cognitive dissonace while overdosing on "female Victimhoof Complex".
Condems any action taken by any male as being sexist, mysogynistic while they practise precisely the same methods.

A male hater of the first degree.
Feminists hate all men.
Feminists only promote female issues while they claim to be for equality.
A feminist condemns anyone and everyone who does not possess a vagina.
by Christianj162000. November 25, 2011
A women that refuses to cook you some eggs
man-"Go cook me some eggs"
feminist-"NO go get a job"
by wildboy77 May 24, 2010
A woman who has been led to believe that all men are dim-witted, violent animals and all women are perfect, infallible goddesses. Actively supports misandry in the education and legal systems.
Dee Myers are Hariet Harman evil, man-hating feminists.
by SilasPollux November 02, 2010
A self-worshipping group of womEn (not womYn) who claim that they want equal rights, and then later on change their minds when they realize that it means that they will no longer be catered to and be given special consideration just because of their gender. They say they want equal treatment but they don't because if they did, they wouldn't complain about being held to the same standards as men are.
Feminist: Hi! My name is Betty Bitchalot and I'm a feminist! I want you to compliment me at all times for what a great job I do at everything, give me less labor intensive work to do than you but get paid the same or even more, give me every sort of special consideration in the book, and at the same time I want you to feel sorry for me because I'm such a victim! I know deep down though that I'm not really all that helpless, though, becuase all I have to do is accuse someone of sexual harrasment and they will be fired. But please don't let that stop you from thinking that I'm worthy of your constant praise and attention.
by D-Shiznit July 10, 2006
Generally a woman (though not always), who acts as an activist for Women's rights. There are three general types of feminists: Liberal, Socialist, and Radical Feminism. Liberal Feminists generally garner the most support, and attempt to rectify injustices suffered by women through conventional means. Socialist Feminists are a more radical form of liberal feminist that believe only a Socialist/Communist/Marxist revolution can truly stop gender inequality. Radical Feminists are extremely left wing, believing that only that the universal, surgical elimination of gender may bring about gender equality.

Disclaimer: I am neither a female nor a feminist, simply someone wanting to give an unbiased definition of a word with a lot of exaggeration on both sides of the fence.
Liberal Feminist: Jenny, a liberal feminist, proudly supports her cause and frequently goes to rallies and protests.

Socialist Feminist: "DOWN WITH THE CAPITALIST EXPLOITATION OF WOMEN!" Shouts Molly, a Socialist Feminist.

Radical Feminist: "Only through the surgical elimination of gender and the destruction of motherhood can all people be truly equal!", says Paula, a Radical Feminist.
by TheGrammargestapo February 28, 2013
A group of smart lesbian thieves who have realized there is money to be made from goverment grants and through tax benifits by falsely distorting statistics and screaming downright lies in the street.Thier HQ can usually be found in any womans abuse shelter.The screaming ones in the streets are just irritating,but beware the horn rimmed glasses,Birkenstock wearing ones who haunt the courts and halls of power,they are the ones who figure out how to bleed mens wallets dry.
WTF!!!!!Half my paycheck to pay for some group of ho,s to have abortians.The damn feminists have stuck it to us again.
by dr December 23, 2004
A girl who doesn't give blowjobs
That chick is such a feminist. She wouldn't even blow me a little before we banged.
by ibman67 September 25, 2008

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