Someone who channels her unused sexual energy through coming on Urban Dictionary every day to thumb up the first page definitions for feminist, feminism, and feminazi.
Notice the difference in the thumbs up/down ratio between page one and the rest of the pages on the feminist, feminazi, and feminism definitions.
by 1sjsjsj1 December 04, 2011
someone who believes in equal rights for men and women,
i'm a girl and i have a feeling this'll never happen. if men and women were equal, guys would have permission to hit me right in the face and who wants that?

note: feminists and femiNAZIS are very different, just so you know.
example of feminist: myself, sort of
example of feminazi: warped minded, bra burning, hairy monster woman who screams at the smallest thing. see, Rosie O'Donnell.
by girl369x February 02, 2008
Someone who claims to support gender equality. However, most Feminists are radical man-hating idiots, who say the most untrue shit about men, like that they should all be killed or that they "are all rapists and that's how they are". They blame everything on an imaginary "patriarchy", and think male sexuality is "misogyny" and that men are supposably "perverts" just for having a sexuality. On Tumblr, all you have to do to be a rapist is to have a penis.
"Holy crap, man! What is wrong with this walking stick with tits? No matter what I do, she thinks I'm part of an evil secret society intentionally trying to figure out ways to be "misogynistic" against women. She is clearly a Feminist."
by Urbandictionaryuser123 June 09, 2015
Simply, per the word, a female supremacist. If that doesn't cut it fur ya, feminists believe, though they deny it, that any given woman is innately superior to any given man.
Man 1: Did you hear the UN Women speech by that new feminist, Emma Watson?
Man 2: She thinks women are superior now, eh?
Several women nearby: (in unison) No she doesn't! Emma believes we're EQUAL to you guys!
Both men: We don't believe you.
Women: (again, in unison) Feminism is the theory of gender equality, you confounded hermits!
Arab man: Lan (no); we know better; we call it Aidyulu Jiah Tafawaq An-Nisaa (ideology of female supremacy)
Women: BURN HIM!!! (They take the Arab outside, douse him in petrol, and light him.)
by Bogan of the Desert September 23, 2015
Person suffering from a deep inferiority and victim complex.
Feminism has done more in the way of gender inequality than any other movement, feminists fail to see this and will become violent when confronted with proof.
by ParagonOfEquality October 20, 2015
Someone who advocates for women's rights, despite there already being equal rights between men and women. Feminists also bully people into becoming feminists by telling them they are misogynists if they're not feminists
Feminist: (talking to someone) did you know women are paid 77 cents for each dollar a man is paid, that's why I'm a feminist.
Other person: that makes no sense, it's been illegal to pay someone less based on their gender for decades, and women work less hours on average. That's why I'm not a feminist.
Feminist: how can you not be a feminist? If you're not a feminist, you must be a sexist!
by Anti feminist September 17, 2015
A word used by idiots with a low self-esteem to identify with other people because they're lesbians and hate men
Normal girl: Wow, look at that cute boy over there! He sure has some good looks!
by pooeygirldooey October 02, 2015
Someone who tries to deny the fact that women are terrible drivers.
Person 1: I was a juror in a case about a woman that killed 3 kids with her car. She admitted to texting while driving and applying makeup simultaneously, but her lawyer still got her out of a prison sentence.

Person 2: Wow, that lawyer must have been a real feminist!
by equal_opportunity_basher August 07, 2015
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