Someone who channels her unused sexual energy through coming on Urban Dictionary every day to thumb up the first page definitions for feminist, feminism, and feminazi.
Notice the difference in the thumbs up/down ratio between page one and the rest of the pages on the feminist, feminazi, and feminism definitions.
by 1sjsjsj1 December 04, 2011
A pseudo-intellectual who thinks the way to pursue equality is by taking sides rather than cooperating with all parties, hence why one does not proclaim to be an equalist or a humanist and what have you instead. Once that is pointed out to them, they will have a strop and make all sorts of bizarre analogies to dismiss you.
Feminist: "Women should have equal rights too."
Equalist: "Why just women, don't you think everyone should be given equal treatment? There are laws that favour men than women, lets do something about that."
*petty squabble ensues*
by JizzySpunkbubbles October 27, 2013
Someone who believes gender roles are evil except when they're present in a non western society.
Suey Park refuses to move back to China despite her feminist view that western civilization is evil.
by niggerfaggot8814 June 03, 2014
The feminist is an interesting creature. The main point I wish to get across in this definition is that no matter how much a feminist may stress that they are campaigning for 'equality' of the genders, this is not the truth. The people who wish to see equality in society are entirely different, and referred to as "equalists". The feminist culture, make no mistake, is for the advancement of the female gender, and only that. -see femenist equalist
"Many feminist individuals and organisations say they are fighting for equal rights, but if that was actually the case, they would be called equalists."
by Bearded Walrus Hunter July 14, 2014
a politically correct term for "bitch". the only reason I say this is because feminists don't want to be equals with men they want to rule over them and want men to be their slaves
quit being such a feminist
by masculist July 28, 2009
An ugly and/or emotionally inept woman who feels that the problems in her life are caused by her gender rather than her own incompetence and sloth.

Rather than bettering a woman's situation in the world, they'd much rather try to drag men down to their level of filth/incompetence.
I believe all men should be castrated to prevent rape, such is one of the fundamental basics of being a modern feminist!
by Anita Sarkeesian July 11, 2012
An feminist is a white female who insists against all evidence and decency that white females are oppressed and than men and minorities are "revered and privileged."

An feminist would never support the rights of those women who truly are at a disadvantage in our society: homosexual and black women. Instead, she leaves campaigning for LGBT rights and minorities' rights to the "evil evil dick bitch over privileged men" aka MRA's.

An feminist sits on a huge pile of white and female privilege and keeps whining that she is oppressed.
An feminist despises all famous men and finds any news source that isn't purely female unreliable and false, is a psychotic freak who believes that women were made to be much better and stronger than men, who praise themselves because they're female, and clearly dropped out of high school.
by Morning Egg Salad October 18, 2014
women who couldn't get the interest of heterosexual males in an act of sexual contact, so they became homosexuals out of spite just to prove that they don't need the opposite gender
"the Feminists opposed the patriarchy by eating pussy"
by thespeakeroftruth98 November 25, 2014

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