Someone who channels her unused sexual energy through coming on Urban Dictionary every day to thumb up the first page definitions for feminist, feminism, and feminazi.
Notice the difference in the thumbs up/down ratio between page one and the rest of the pages on the feminist, feminazi, and feminism definitions.
by 1sjsjsj1 December 04, 2011
Someone who believes gender roles are evil except when they're present in a non western society.
Suey Park refuses to move back to China despite her feminist view that western civilization is evil.
by niggerfaggot8814 June 03, 2014
someone who believes in equal rights for men and women,
i'm a girl and i have a feeling this'll never happen. if men and women were equal, guys would have permission to hit me right in the face and who wants that?

note: feminists and femiNAZIS are very different, just so you know.
example of feminist: myself, sort of
example of feminazi: warped minded, bra burning, hairy monster woman who screams at the smallest thing. see, Rosie O'Donnell.
by girl369x February 02, 2008
a politically correct term for "bitch". the only reason I say this is because feminists don't want to be equals with men they want to rule over them and want men to be their slaves
quit being such a feminist
by masculist July 28, 2009
The feminist is an interesting creature. The main point I wish to get across in this definition is that no matter how much a feminist may stress that they are campaigning for 'equality' of the genders, this is not the truth. The people who wish to see equality in society are entirely different, and referred to as "equalists". The feminist culture, make no mistake, is for the advancement of the female gender, and only that. -see femenist equalist
"Many feminist individuals and organisations say they are fighting for equal rights, but if that was actually the case, they would be called equalists."
by Bearded Walrus Hunter July 14, 2014
90% are cunts who claim to be for equal rights, but in reality they want to be treated equal to men but only want the pros and don't want the cons like equal jail time, being forced into military jobs or being hit back when hitting a man.

They claim MRA men's rights activists are all rapist white males who are a cancer to society. Even though many single mothers or any woman for that matter support MRA's. They don't source their "facts" and don't support male movements. There's a huge majority of homeless men over females but that's not relevant to them. Or the casualtys of men over women in war. They can't accept that they are privileged in society.

They want to be treated as queens by men paying for dinner, child support and then claim to want the same bonuses of being a man like being payed better for better work.

Search on urban dictionary for feminist and they will say something about men being cocksuckers, search MRA and it will also say men are cock suckers.

Men's rights activists are all for equality, but if you want to act like men you need to be treated as such. And if you hit me I have the EQUAL RIGHT to hit you back.
Man: I'm breaking up with you
Woman: you dick, Im going to kill you *grabs knife*
Man: *blocks attack and hits her to be able to run, then hides in car to call cops*
*cops show up*
*arests man for domestic abuse*

*male and female go to court to see who will have rights to the child*
Jury: who has the vagina?
Woman: *raises hand* Jury: we have come to the agreement that she will have full rights.

Ray rice Baltimore Ravens player kicked out of nfl for defending himself in an elevator against his fiancée.
World: wow he's not a real man hitting a defenceless woman" (even though feminist claim to be as strong)
Hope solo a USA goalkeeper in soccer beats the crap out of a male family member and others. He didn't attack back.
World: wow that guy got the shit beaten out of him by a woman? What a pussy.
Nothing happens to her and she is loved and adored by millions.

Girls doing porn are praised for taking control of their sex life and making money. But where does the money come from? Oh perverted virgins and repeats that are all males, according to feminist logic.

Underage female student and male teacher have intercourse, both are consenting.
Feminist: he's a sick pig and should have his dick chopped off and put in jail for life.

Underage male student and female teacher have consented intercourse.
feminist: he is a percerted teen and oviously wanted it. He'd be a fag if he didn't.
Both are crimes but the female always is let off the hook.
let the dislikes roll in.
by DoubleStandardsEverywhere November 12, 2014
a delusional hypocrite who sticks their head up their arse in the name of "equality"
She identified as a feminist, which is why she was opposed to a gender-neutral ideology.
by Keeper of the Memes February 19, 2015
Someone who repeatedly and demonstrably gives men the presumption of bad and women the presumption of good in every situation where gender is an issue. See also feminazi.
Thanks to my feminist wife I can only see my kids once a month, supervised because she lied and said I assaulted her in front of them
by THEGAME November 07, 2014

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