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Someone who channels her unused sexual energy through coming on Urban Dictionary every day to thumb up the first page definitions for feminist, feminism, and feminazi.
Notice the difference in the thumbs up/down ratio between page one and the rest of the pages on the feminist, feminazi, and feminism definitions.
by 1sjsjsj1 December 04, 2011
55 465
Synonym for fat. Can be used interchangably.
Deeky: I just saw Melissa McEvan at the McDonalds, ordering four Big Macs, a kilo of ice-cream, and a diet coke. All for herself. Unbelievable!

Spud: No wonder she is such a feminist!
by Spud from Shakesville August 07, 2010
64 473
won't care for gay people... or straight people for that matter
Girl: Hey! get down from from there! i know gay marriage is wrong and all that, but if they want to get it done, let them.
Crowd: Awww,
Guy: >=( feminist bitch!
Crowd: what???
by your best idiot March 14, 2010
15 424
A person who's born with a vagina but wishes they had a penis.
BOB: Hey look at that dyke over there!
STEVE: Oh, she's not a dyke she's a feminist.
BOB: Same thing! right?
STEVE: Oh yeah
FEMINIST: You should give respect to women.
BOB: Why? Don't you believe men are equal to women?
STEVE: You can't have it both ways, dyke...
by Kyle Samuelsson March 05, 2008
337 746
A woman either suffering from PMS or on her period who, from being out of the kitchen for too long, has reached the faulty conclusion that men and women are equal.
Alright you feminist, men and women ARE equal. Now go make me a sandwich
by Dub P April 26, 2005
386 795
A group of smart lesbian thieves who have realized there is money to be made from goverment grants and through tax benifits by falsely distorting statistics and screaming downright lies in the street.Thier HQ can usually be found in any womans abuse shelter.The screaming ones in the streets are just irritating,but beware the horn rimmed glasses,Birkenstock wearing ones who haunt the courts and halls of power,they are the ones who figure out how to bleed mens wallets dry.
WTF!!!!!Half my paycheck to pay for some group of ho,s to have abortians.The damn feminists have stuck it to us again.
by dr December 23, 2004
781 1190
Someone who wants to be more equal than everyone else
Damn Feminists, think they own the place
by distilledfx September 11, 2007
552 962