When a Feminist's actions and words are very so angry and selective it resembles that of Fascism, especially Nazism.
Dude, Prof. Maguire is a total Feminazi! She never calls on any of her male students. And when she does its to belittle them.
by Moonwarrior November 12, 2007
An Amazonian by philosophy, very pro-woman, pro-homosexualality, pro-"women's studies" and generally hated by just about everyone.
femiNazis should be put in concentration camps and be forced to make my Nike AirForce One's.
by Japanadan October 11, 2004
1) a feminist who refuses to subscribe to logic
2) a manhater
3) dislikes all men because of the societal pressures women face, but is unwilling to concede to the fact that the sentiment is perpetuated by both sexes
4) aggressive towards men because of their sex
5) promoter of reverse sexual discrimination; often feels her sexism is justified because of the "attrocities endured by women"
6) does not adhere to the philosophy of feminism, but instead promotes a simplified, inaccurate, uniformed view
She is such a feminazi!
by jen February 08, 2004
Word coined by talk radio host Rush Limbaugh referring to a female who believes that all men should be kept in underground caves and only be brought up for breeding purposes.
I was only asking for so equal treatment, but htat damn feminazi just shoved me back in my hole.
by GodComplex February 21, 2005
A radicial feminist.
I was slapped in the face by a feminazi for telling it to go make me some ribs.
by bread infection October 26, 2005
in two words: Judge Judy
man! Judge Judy is the biggest feminazi in the world
by robdog073191 May 04, 2005
A woman who has taken feminism too far and turned into an extremist.

These types live in a delusion and believe that every male is somehow privileged over every female in societies like Australia and America in year 2010. When you question this ridiculous theory, it results to ridiculous answers.

Not only that, but it can be defined as a feminist who will blame men for anything that is wrong in the world or with her self. Basically, if you are a male, anything that is wrong in the presence of a feminazi will be your fault.

These types also may not believe in true equality. They secretly or shamelessly want female privilege, dominance, matriarchy, or supremacy.

In their perspective, anything “masculine” is poison.
Damn that biatch is a feminazi, she blames men for everything
by naughtynick81 April 07, 2010

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