a person who believes in and follows the doctrine of feminazism
Anyone who hates men as much as she does surely surely be a feminazi.
by Taliesin January 07, 2005
A feminist who thinks only women are good human being because they were born women. A feminazi thinks that only women have suffered during the course of history for a gender issue, not considering AT ALL the fact that a large part of men and boys during the history of mankind were forced to fight wars and battles to not be punished or killed by the society even if they do not want to.

A feminazi doesn't want equal rights for both sex, a feminazi just want to dominate men through misandry.
A feminazi thinks is worse to be forced to do the laundry than to be forced to die in a war one doesn't want to fight for.
by Someone a feminazi would hate November 20, 2011
A megaphone-yelling witch whose primary desire in life is to perpetuate and increase the slaughter of unborn babies and fetuses. Term created by Rush Limbaugh to describe the above.
"My feminazi English professor is gonna lowball my grade because she found out I'm pro-life."
by ken c March 01, 2005
A woman devoid of the love instinct. The type who would look at a picture of two people kissing on the side of the road and notice only how many cars are in the background.

Big sister to Cunt Nazi. see also: madam.
Look at that funny little feminazi. Get her a bone quick.
by anonymous March 02, 2005
1.a radical feminist woman, usually one that got cheated on by a man and got so resentful that converted to lesbianism, that want to give more privileges to females over males, as is seen in most child-custody and visitation rights cases.

2 a woman that are usually envious of the natural male anatomy, like the ability of having bigger muscles, more strenght and resent the submissive nature of females in coitus. A feminazi usually would demand a guy she just had sex with to be let penetrated by her with a strap-on doggy style.

3. G.I Jane is their favorite film.
" those feminazis are strong supporters of pussy wipping"
by gigantus March 10, 2006
Synonymous with feminist. A term popularized by conservative broadcaster Rush Limbaugh, who may or may not have originated the term himself. (Limbaugh credits a friend of his with coining the term originally, before he put it into use on the air.)

In Limbaugh's use, the term refers specifically to advocacy for abortion rights as being a sort of miniature holocaust, because "it's almost comparable to what happened during World War II." He has also broadened use of the term to belief in a wage and employment gap, essentially broadening the term to include any feminist who is not also "Pro-choice."

As used by others, it most often refers to a female chauvinist. (That is, a woman who believes that all women are innately superior to all men.) Accusations of "Feminazism" are often leveled at prominent women whom the speaker does not agree with, especially if they happen to actually be radical feminists.
"Yo, Arnie, you hear what that bitch Hillary Clinton said about making abortions 'safe, legal and rare'? That cunt is such a feminazi."

"Yeah, one of these days she'll politically correct us all to death or castration."
by Wendigo June 25, 2006
A feminist gone off the deep-end. One who has gone beyond looking for equality in gender and professes a full-blown hatred of men.

Apparently originated by right-wing commentator Rush Limbaugh.
The feminazis are after your soul!
by ke6isf August 24, 2004

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