A derogatory word used by some males to describe any woman who differs from their views on how woman should behave and what rights they should have.
She wants equal pay for equal work. What a femi-nazi!
#male #men #femi-phobic #male chauvinist pig #gender #sexual descrimination #sexual harassment
by George the Dude August 19, 2008
a word used by fedoras and general fuckboys used to describe feminists, because they dont have the time to actually learn about feminism and learn that it's the struggle for equality of the sexes. feminazis believe that women are all powerful and men are weak pigs who should just die. THIS IS NOT FEMINISM. go look for the definition of feminism, dust the cheeto dust off your fingers, and burn all your fedoras. please.
fedora: o ur a feminist??? u mean famiNAZI u dumb whore go back 2 the kitchen hahahhah

feminist: no, i believe in the equality of the sexes in all situations

fedora: u mean u hate men
feminist: no, i think women and men should be treated as equals


fedora: that's a feminist right there
#feminist #misogyny #sexism #wrong #feminism
by fluidlady December 22, 2014
People who end up making all feminists look bad. A feminazi is typically a massive bull dyke who doesn't shave her legs or wear a bra. Feminazis believe that all heterosexual sex is rape and that men are responsible for everything bad in the world. Since most girls don't want anything to do with these types of people, some of them end up becoming self-hating anorexic sluts just to avoid being associated with feminism. Thus, feminazis cause more harm to young girls than good by creating a negative and hateful image of feminism.
Valerie Solanas (who shot Andy Worhol and wrote "The Scum Manifesto") is your archetype feminazi.
by Dassh August 26, 2004
Someone who is on a remarkably well rationalized victim trip and blames men for everything from cancer to crop failure.
"how dare you call me a feminazi...I'm going to sic my doberperson on you!"
A Feminazi is a woman who refuses to dress like a woman and hates any woman who does. She has a pointless grudge against all men, and women who take care of themselves, and claims to be straight. A Feminazi is also a generally larger, or flat chested, woman who has made up an excuse as to why she can not get a date. Her excuse? Men suck, and to their defense, some do, but not all of them. They are too lazy, and usually too cranky, to try and lose the weight or fix their face. They'd rather stick to wearing loose white t-shirts , denim jackets, with dirty jeans and combat boots.
Every time the detention teacher looks at me she gives me this nasty ass look. Because I wear make up, have boobs and comb my hair. I had an extra hour of detention because she is a Feminazi and can't comb her hair or dress herself.
#female #nazi #bitch #fat #chicks #mean #controlling #crazy #boobless #fatties #feminazi
by Ransom Saito August 14, 2009
(feh-mə-náa-tsee) also known as womyn, are unusually angry (often strong) women with extreme anti-man views
"...and then she said 'all heterosexual sex is rape!!!', what a feminazi"
by Anonymous October 12, 2003
A ball-breaker.
Don't date that lady, because she is a man-hating FemiNAZI bitch who killed all four of her husbands.
by er August 03, 2003
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