A person who views or treats males in a similar way as the Nazis did Jews, ranging from advocating male-bashing to causing male gendercide.
When you get divorced, you will learn that nearly every family court judge is a feminazi.
by tarelasi July 13, 2003
DIFFERENT FROM A FEMINIST. A feminist is someone who believes in equal rights for men, women, and everyone else in between. A feminazi believes that women and men should essentially switch places. Instead of fighting for equal rights, they fight to become the dominant sex. A feminist believes in equal rights. A feminazi is sexist.
Feminist: Hey, did you hear that Jim got that new promotion?
Other feminist: Oh, yeah! He totally deserved it, after working so hard on that project. You know, I just a pay raise! Feminism really is making some great strides in the workplace.

Feminist: Hey, did you hear that Jim got that new promotion?
by A Bookworm March 30, 2015
A term used to describe a girl of superior importance above the rest of the women in the world. Her devotion for equal rights for women is so strong it is almost nazi-ish. Nothing gets in the way of her goals, anyone that attempts to get in the way shall have the same fate as Poland did during the second world war. Even though she has a strong belief in equality, she doesn't preach them in an extreme way and is actually a really awesome girl that doesn't hate all men. Make her angry however, and you might as well dig your own grave while praying for mercy. Surprise plot twist, there is no mercy from a feminazi.
Jack: Did you see John try to argue about equal rights with Stephanie? All he did was piss her off and never made a valid point.

Kevin: Doesn't he know she's a feminazi? He's pretty much fucked now.
by The_Captain November 03, 2013
1. a girl who performance coincide for the sack of female domination while flying in pants on a broomstick followed by cats and owls after she slept with Satan (only when all aspect apply to her is she a feminazi)

2. a word man use to describe someone with valuable points on equality for men and women
she has been nagging all day about how she is underappreciated and not gets enave money for the works she does, so annoying! she is such a feminazi

he called me a feminazi again after I told him how I was raped last week and want to take legal actions against the sun of b*tch that did this to me
by Sofia-Alice March 13, 2014
an overly effeminate nazi.

the term 'feminazi' is also associated with feminism. but don't be confused my sweets, this only happened because some ignorant MRA just didn't understand the real definition. but now you know the truth.
hello hanz
hello klaus
who's the new guy who always frolics around the concentration camp and winks at the prisoners?

oh, bruno? yeah he's quite the feminazi.
by bitch chan September 19, 2014
A feminazi is a men hating feminist who uses the hate propaganda and socialist/fascist political techniques developed by the National Socialist Labor Party of Germany to focus hate and government control against men and families instead of against Jews.
The teaching of feminazi hate propaganda has become endemic in K-12 education, and is the topic of "Women's Studies" in colleges.
by Bob Knows October 07, 2009
A derogatory word used by some males to describe any woman who differs from their views on how woman should behave and what rights they should have.
She wants equal pay for equal work. What a femi-nazi!
by George the Dude August 19, 2008
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