they are radical feminists, they say they just want equality when really they want privilege and if you don't do what they say they will send their social media feminazi army against you until you are banned. they encourage women to be fat and everyone to be gay. You will see feminazi if you replace the word CIS from tumblr and replace it with jew
The feminist sends her feminazi army to report a CIS straight white male for recommending a diet for her so she does not die from a heart attack
by dianna.10 April 18, 2016
Feminazis and feminists are two entirely different things. Feminists are women (or men) who support the basic idea that women are equal to men. Feminists are against sexist practices such as sexual assault, catcalling, etc. Most women are feminists. Men can be feminists too. However, feminazis are those feminists who take things a bit too far. For example, not shaving, wearing bras, letting men hold the door for them, not wearing tampons, and much more. Admit it, you know at least one feminazi.
Feminist: Brad is so sweet, he supports women's rights, and ALWAYS holds the door for me.

Feminazi: OMFG! Brad is a jerk! Dump him! What a dirty, rude, horrible, sexist piece of crap!

Feminist: Bertha, calm down! You just spit in my face!
Feminazi: Holding the door! What does he think you are, some kind of helpless baby?
by Anastasia Minette. June 20, 2016
A person that believes they are a feminist, but they then go on and on and on about how men do things wrong and how they should have more rights than men.
'Teach men not to rape.' -A feminazi
by staryoshi06 January 18, 2016
Extremist lunatic who gives feminism a bad name.

A few differences between a feminist and a feminazi:

* Feminist: Thinks "man and wife" should be changed to "husband and wife."
Feminazi: Thinks "Doberman" should be changed to "Doberperson."

* Feminist: Praises "Mulan" for it's strong female lead
Feminazi: Criticizes "Mulan" because when the heroine killed the bad guy and saved China, she was wearing a dress

* Feminist: Tries to put and end to the stereotypes and stigma surrounding single mothers
Feminazi: Tries to defend women like the Octomom

* Feminist: Hates men like Glen Beck, Rush Limbagh, and Rev. Phelps
Feminazi: Hates men
You have to be an approved member to post on our feminist blog. I had to make that rule because before, when just anyone could post, it got swarmed with crazy feminazis who made our site look stupid. It was really embarrassing.
by Sally Shears December 15, 2014
a diehard feminist;

someone who advocates feminism to the point of sounding fanatical.
What is baffling about the Karva Chauth festival is that inspite of being a blatant re-assertion of traditional gender roles, it enjoys ecstatic patronage by many femi'nazis.

So what is it about Karva Chauth that causes even the garden-variety femi'nazis to kowtow such ?
by planetpuja October 02, 2014
A mythical creature hallucinated by the minds of right-wingers/MRAs and accepted by a brain-washed populace for the purpose of de-legitimizing the reality of gender and intersectional discrimination and those who try to fight against it. Attempts to draw some sort of parallel between feminism and Nazism, despite the fact that it makes no fucking sense.
Feminist: I believe in breaking down the various barriers of discrimination and privilege that hold women and humanity back.

Sexist: OMG, feminazi!

Feminist: ...And people like you are exactly why I need to do that.
by TheOneSanePersonInTheWorld April 12, 2016
Feminazi is a term used upon feminists who shouldn't be classes as feminists. In fact their not, they're classed as bitches or a feminazi. Feminism believes in equal rights, Feminazi believes in wanting an all female world where men get tortured for looking at attractive women.
Male: She has such a nice face don't you think?
Feminazi: So you're going to rape her, you disgusting male! Stop being attracted to the gender in which you're naturally attracted to you; filthy pervert.
Male: k
by Mexican Cat November 27, 2014
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