A name, loosely synonymous with "bitch," that men call women who seek power and control (i.e. traditionally "male" qualities) over their lives. A pejorative term for "feminist." Usually insinuates that a woman is breaching her "subordinate place" by attempting to put forth ideas and beliefs that are threatening to male social dominance and power, or are revealing of men's undeniable historical marginalization and oppression of women (i.e. if ever there were a Nazi dominion...).
What? Naomi Wolf says that women don't have true equality with men? That stupid feminazi bitch! She should shut up before they notice...

They didn't make my pizza right. They put edible flowers that look like tiny vaginas. Stupid feminazi dykes! Anchovies. I ordered anchovies! WTF man!!! Fucking feminazis are everywhere with their stupid feminin-ininity!! *Heart palpitation.*
by Kristi June 16, 2006
A word that can be used in two ways;
1. (The more common use) A term men use upon meeting average feminist with good values and fair understanding, but thinks women should have equal rights, but the man is so angry that he is being challenged that he screams at her that she is a man-hating feminazi.
2. An actual woman who hates men, likely from bad experience.
1. Feminist: You know, women are very misrepresented in the media as mere objects of pleasure for me-
Me: Get back in the kitchen.
by OneFangirlRevolution November 05, 2010
Hate speech; slur used by people who wish to insult and diminish people who support women's rights, their tactics and beliefs.
Those feminazis at Planned Parenthood keep preaching that women should refuse to have sex with men who won't use condoms. Those fascist bitches think women should put their own health before the pleasure of men!
by jboly September 30, 2006
Derogatory anti-feminist slur.

Used against female-posi women who challenge male privilege and/or gender stereotypes.

Used to intimidate and belittle, by scaring other women away from identifying as feminist for fear of being labeled as a 'feminazi.'

Used by men with an axe to grind against women who are in anything but a supporting role.
Calling a 12-year old girl a feminazi for not shaving her legs.

"Hillary Clinton is such a feminazi"
"Um, actually, she's just a senator with boring politics. But because she's a woman in power men feel threatened."
by ScottScottTheAstronaut January 18, 2006
A term used by impotent, little-dicked republicans and their ilk to describe a woman who has the crazy idea that women should be equal to men in every legal, financial and societal manner. Also used by the same group to describe any woman who won't have sex with them because they are little-dicked, impotent old men.
Bill O'Reilly (off camera): Did you see that stupid mooly Obama has that mexican Feminazi Sotomayor up for the Supreme Court?
Secretly Progressive Democrat Cameraman: Mr. O'Reilly, could you repeat that into the mic, we need a sound check (turns on recorder)
by Lord Azuleesh July 10, 2009
a hateful term used to decribe women who fight for equality; Often used by men who fail to realize how good they actually have it.
woman- "I believe I should be paid fair wages and not have to dress like a slut to susceed in life"

man- "shut up you feminazi"

by Andie July 24, 2006
1. A word used by ignorant idiots to describe any type of feminist or women's rights activist. Is extremely offensive to both the issue of women's rights and- here's a shocker- victims of one of the most brutal wars in human history.

2. An anti- men female. She claims to be a feminist but holds highly sexist ideals along the lines of "women are better, men are brutish animals".
1. Feminazi: because wanting to be treated like a human being is *exactly* like invanding Poland.

2. Trisha claims to be a feminist, but actually is quite the feminazi.
by The_weasel November 06, 2010
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