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a lubricated polyethylene sheath that is inserted into the vagina. A ring grasps the bottom of the cervix. The sheath extends outside the labia. They are expensive, but most guys don't even know they are there unless they explore with fingers. You can buy disposable underpants with these things in place so that the woman can go out on a date all set to fuck "protected".
Susie used a female condom the first time, that way there was no interruption to put on a male condom.
by Jake February 03, 2004
A contraceptive that is best compared to a plastic bag like you get at the supermarket. There's really no reason to use one of these, when better options are available for a couple of bucks at the mini mart, and pulling out is free.
Matt: "So Kevin, how was Lindsey last night? Did you beat it up, as usual?"
Kevin: "Hell yeah dogg, I beat that up like I was the school bully."
Matt: "You guys use those female condoms, right?"
Kevin: "Yeah, but she ran out. Fortunately she had just bought groceries at Safeway, so I just strapped on a plastic bag and went at it."
Matt: "Good thinking, man. That's some serious Macgyver shit."
Kevin: "No, not really."
by Nick D February 08, 2004
Similar to a plastic bag, except for that is inserted in the vagina.
Oscar favors female condoms due to his abnormally small and ineffective penis.
by betheahmmer0 October 30, 2009
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