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A dude who women find so repulsive their only desire for him would be to use him as a urinal, (a female urinal): fem-inal.

A guy who is always being rejected by women.

A man who women find unappealing or not worthy of dating, unless they just want to degrade him.

Not to be mistaken for the word feminal, meaning feminine. Men who women find fem-inal can be both traditionally masculine or feminine. Being effeminate has nothing to do with being a fem-inal.
Girl 1: "What do you think of Mark?
Girl 2: "Gross, he's a total fem-inal."
Girl 1: "Yeah I guess you're right, I could see myself whizzing all over him."

Dude 1: "How well does your brother do with the ladies?"
Dude 2: "Aw man, really bad! They think of him as a total fem-inal."
by AskMargo February 08, 2010
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