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Literally female domination. Fem dom is when the female in the partnership is sexually in charge. Can be includedbondage, s&m and b&m. Often found with feet worship. The female, or dminatrix, can either be in charge of a male or a female. Fem Dom is popular in lesbian groups. Usually a butch dominates a skinnier, hotter girl. Tieing up, pussy play, pain, clamps, whips, and other toys are involved.
Bob watched fem dom porn. Those bitches are harsh.
by Hannnnnnnnnah July 08, 2006
29 38
Female Domination: A woman (or action in which a woman) dominates sexual interaction with her mate. See also dominatrix. This frequently (but not exclusively or absolutely) includes:

-) Humiliation of the sub. (submissive, slave)
-) Penetration of the sub. (incl. strap-ons, toys, etc).
-) Bondage / restraint of the sub.
-) "Water Sports"
He disrobed at the order of his femdom mistress.
by OtherJames October 05, 2005
454 129
Short for Female Domination. The most wonderful form of BDSM. Unfortunately, it is made fun of in many movies.
The dominate one (Madame, Mistress, Domina, Dominatrix, Goddess) have complete control over the slave, such as:

-Riding the slave like a pony
-Put leash and collar on the slave
-Penetrate with strap-on
-Make slaves lick boots
-Dress up slave like a maid,animal, etc.
-Use slave for sexual favors

Some (BAD) dominatrices use slaves as "money slaves", and make them pay for everything. Usually scammers.

Mostly used in sexual games, but some people also have a 24/7 relationship, where the Dominatrix is in charge of her slave/s all the time.

In other words; femdom is most of the time amazing. Check out (Other World Kingdom) for one of the better websites. Other examples are "Whipped Ass" and "Men In Pain".
The slave was having second thoughts about Femdom, as he was bending over, tied up, getting whipped and penetrated.
by Olydiga Gossen November 20, 2007
289 119
Woman dominator in S&M
His Femdom whipped him hard
by James March 10, 2003
225 121
when a female straps on a dildo and fucks a male in the poop shoot
Action Dan: How was Cornerstone last night?
Evan Albert: Amazing.....met this chick there.....fucked me good.
Action Dan: Gotta love femdom.
by Evan Albert May 16, 2006
104 228