a term used to describe the brown-noser / brown-nosed relationship.

(may also be used to describe a sexual relationship based solely on fellatio)
The new assistant editor could totally destroy Eric's fellationship with Michael.
#apple polishing #suck up #minion #boot licker #sycophant
by Mikhail_Bergsworth April 19, 2006
Top Definition
(n.) A sexual realtionship between two or more people in which fellatio is the only form of affection/contact. Usually pejorative, suggests the relationship is lacking.
Term applies mainly to heterosexual relatioships but also acceptable when used in male homosexual context. Not applicable in female/lesbian relationships.
"Susie is so deluded. She thinks Bob likes her but they don't even make out or have sex. She just comes over and blows him. That's not a relationship, that's a fellationship"
#oral sex #blow jobs #relationships #dating #homsexual
by HelenHar January 26, 2007
A relationship based solely on sex, although not just fellatio as the name implies.
Mandy and I had one of the best fellationships I've ever heard of. Started off with a bang too.
by canadianssuck January 26, 2004
A relationship in which fellatio is the ONLY sexual contact.
Harry goes to the club, where he happens to meet Sally. After a dance, Sally offers Harry fellatio in his car, which he accepts. Harry doesn't see Sally again, but he thinks they had a good fellationship.

Robert thinks Tricia is pretty darn skanky, but she's got some sexy lips and a stud on her tongue. He knows the only way to keep clean is for a fellationship.
#antonyms #carpetionship kar-pee-shun-ship #cuntiflingus #beaverage #tacohabitation
by Donnie Shradar May 30, 2006
(n):A relationship in which two people engage in sexual activities without any romantic expectations.
I heard they were in a fellationship ever since she blew him at the beach.
#syn: fuck buddies #friends with benefits #ant: wife #girlfriend #mis: felationship
by KEJ09 October 21, 2009
1.) (n.) A relationship consisting solely of oral sex (fellatio), often one which will end soon because of this aspect.
2.) (n.) A brief instance of recieving oral sex
1.) Yeah i think I'm gonna dump the bitch; i want to have sex but all she ever wants is a fellationship.
2.)Yeah i met her in a bar, one thing led to another, and we ended up in a fellationship; no strings attached.
#fellatio #head #blowjob #fellationship #cop dome #bj
by TSaps February 20, 2006
"Fuck buddies" or two people who are not a couple but still enjoy giving/receiving fellatio to each other. A relationship based solely on blow jobs, not emotion. Can be gay or straight.
"me and sally are in a fellationship"
#love #relationship #blow #job #fellatio
by danomite555 March 01, 2010
A relationship in which the only commonality is male recipient oral sex.
My friend and I have a fellationship, I give him head and he pats me on mine...
#fellatio #oral sex #relationship #one sided #joy
by Sillylala August 28, 2008
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