The most sweetest and beauctiful girl ever. she is always there to bring a smile to your face and when she crys it kills you inside. Only the most beautiful girls inside and out are named Felicia. She always makes you laugh and is always there to comfort you.
person 1: Heyy whats her name? she seems sweet.

person 2: Felicia

Person 1: yeah thought so
by jfhc_s2_flqp January 27, 2011
definately the most sexiest person in the world! usually have boyfriends named zack. they get treated like princesses. beautiful eyes, great legs and a verrryyyyyyy niice ass :D
felicia peoples(:
by felicia peoples August 14, 2010
the name "felicia" is not at all ghetto. It is an Italian name for 'happiness and joy'. commonly misspelled phelicia to make it look ghetto fab.
NO: "Phelicia" failed her gym class due to never taking out her obnoxiously big hoop earrings and insisting on wearing her "bootay" shorts.

YES: Felicia went to gym class and passed because she wears studs and does not flash the teacher.
by i am not ghetto July 07, 2006
Nice, sweet, cares too much about what other people think. If you want to be friends with her, shes open to anything and everything. When she pops bottles, you know your going down on her all night long. SO SEXY.
person 1: Yo man, I saw Felicia drinking some hard shit...

person 2: I know man, ima own that all night long...
by nail polish remover June 27, 2010
Felicia is the ultimate B.A. (badass) of words. Felicia is synonymous with ninja, pro (not the first definition), and mega maxable(example a). Used to simply describe something as badass, beautiful, or completely pro. Can also be used as a verb to describe the ultimate owning of something (example b).
A. Wow! Chuck Norris owned that giant killer robot, that was so Felicia.

B. Chuck Norris ninja-ed over the Washington State border and Felicia-ed the Oregonian in the face.
by ThunderCatshoooo January 31, 2006
Amazing beautiful girl who is smart and could take on any bs has a big nose ;) and is meant for her one and only Souljah <3
Person 1: Is that felicia

Souljah: Yea thats my wife :)
by Souljah830 September 20, 2011
The word Felicia means happiness. And I can see why she makes me very happy. Sexually and in any other way possible. When it refers to her name representing a beautiful flower you'll know why it has that name. Because if u ever see a Felicia you will know it every feature will show pure beauty and behind the scenes she is a ravenous sexual being and turns me on! Nevertheless she is not to be mistaken as ghetto or a whore. She is faithful, kind, caring and a pleasure to be with. And best of all she makes me jizz in my pants.
A beautiful body full of burning passion + great personality + amazing = Felicia
by OMGfelicia'ssexy April 15, 2010

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