a slutty girl not old enough to be a milf. all wildcats are incredibly stunning and have megan fox bods. see milf cougar and ho.
woah, look at that feisty wildcats ass! damn i could tap that shit
by vbkjbfvfv January 22, 2011
Top Definition
A hot sexy girl between the ages of 15-20 who shows all the characteristics of being a cougar but hasn't yet met the age requirements. She is capable of being highly sexually aroused at times. This girl will probably end up becoming a milf.

NOTE: A female can only be called this if she is SMOKING HOT!!
Dude, i totally banged a feisty wildcat tonight! I have marks on my neck to prove it.
by qwertyuiopqqwwffemvvfjn January 22, 2011
a hot girl on her way to being a milf. see sexy
Her feisty personality will for sure give u a boner.
fuck.. selena gomez is a feisty wildcat.
by sexxxxxxxxxxxxxpornx January 22, 2011
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