Fucking epic failure" or "Fucking epic fail
Guy A: My girlfriend broke up with me today.
Guy B: Why?
Guy A: She said I acted too much like Edward Cullen.
Guy B: ...What, did you stalk her?
Guy A: ...Yeah..
Guy B: Dude, total FEF!
by RRRORRR July 18, 2011
Top Definition
fuc'en fag
One who is a fucking faggot.
"I'm such a fef!" - Renquist
by Ceescrit April 24, 2003
Annoyed or in dismay
"Aww, fef, are you joking me?"
by Rannenn March 08, 2009
fefs is a faroese word for the word: Fupa which stands for Fat Upper Pussy Area, if we translated it to Faroese it would be: Feitt Erva Fisu Stað. And that's why we say Fefs.
Tú hevur eitt lekkurt Fefs, góða.
( in Eng) that's a hot Fupa you have there, sweetie.
by abigfupalover April 21, 2011
Fat End First - inserting the fat end of something into a bodily cavity. This is usually with the intent to cause pain. Anything with a fat end and a slender end can be used in this manner: carrots, baseball bats, and water bottles to name a few. Depending on the bodily cavity selected, this may result in difficulty in extracting the object. This acronym is generally used as a verb to describe the action of the penetration.
Joe just fef'd me with a carrot.

Go fef yourself with a baseball bat.

I just fef'd Caleb with a bowling pin.
by RedWater June 30, 2009
Fucking Epic Fail
That joke was a total FEF
by Sweet69 April 19, 2010
Abbreviation for Female Ejaculatory Fluid.
1. Aw man! I got fef in my hair.

2. I made her fef twice last night!

3. That ride was so Awesome I think I feffed!
by TheHunt September 01, 2008

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