A term which refers to females. Commonly used in Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas.
Ex1. A yo,look at that fine lil feezy over there.

Ex2.Guy1: Yo man, you and that girl together?
Guy2: Yea Niki, thats my main feez.
by L.A March 25, 2006
Top Definition
Clean word for "fuck".

Originated by Lance K or Nyte in Orange County California in 1999.
What the feez!?

I don't give a feez!
by Nyte May 31, 2004
To enhance or make better.
The meal tasted better, after Sarah feezed the recipe.
by Feez squeeze November 05, 2013
Used for emphasis in the phrase "as feez."
I was mad as feez that he was up in my grill.
by elgatofurioso June 16, 2004

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