a option other than hands
i sue my feet to eat, to wash the car, to open the door, to brush my teeth, to masturbate, to wipe my bum, to urinate, to shake others hands, and to walk on
by j-man the great November 20, 2002
something used to pack luggage. usually done blindfolded
"Sir, do you know what you paked?" asked the woman looking at my luggage. "No i feet." i said. "ohhh" the lady screamed
by heebie jeebie March 06, 2003
an object at the end of your leg with 5 toes, you have two
if you dont know what feet are your gay, look down those things are
by j-man the great November 20, 2002
The things that smell like filthy putrid shit when you wear 3 pairs of dirty socks then you have someone lick them and then the smell passes on
Jason's feet smell like sweaty putrid shit
by RSE February 18, 2003
a feet is one of those things that you put oh well i cant think of anything funny right now.
justin smells like soda
by dub schwan November 20, 2002
a huge brain attacking a martian spaceship with lazerbeams, it is using a forcefield so it wont die. The martian spaceship will eventually be destroyed, making me happy, now i have to poop my pants
jimmy schwan is a feet us
yes i do like soda, but jimmy likes pop
by j-man holmes stevens November 20, 2002
Two things that usualy sweat all day and smell like "swiss Cheese", that are usualy amooth and fun to clean with your tounge smelly and all, I love swiss cheese feet.. Only boys feet though..
Take off your shoes and socks after gym or practice, and I will clean your feet with my tounge better than any shower you ever taken. Swiss Cheese Feet rock dude..
by Swiss Boy February 27, 2006

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