rims on a car
check out them 24's on this niggas hummer's feets
by jizzle lizzle mizzle jockizzle December 11, 2003
when having to do with a car: Wheels/Rims
I just bought my car some brand new feet
by John December 10, 2003
ninja monkey weapons
the ninja monkeys use their feet to attack the victim, ruthlessly
by j-man the great November 20, 2002
upsidedown hands with smaller fingers sometimes used to open bums, sometimes used for cramming, other times they can be used to attack martians, thus acting like a giant man-brain
teef is feet spelled backwards
skrawkcab delleps teef si feet
by j-man holmes stevens November 20, 2002
a option other than hands
i sue my feet to eat, to wash the car, to open the door, to brush my teeth, to masturbate, to wipe my bum, to urinate, to shake others hands, and to walk on
by j-man the great November 20, 2002
Our feet our used to walk on losers, which are dirt, our feet our also used to be messaged and smelled by losers. They are also used to be put on top of a loser because they are also foot rests. Last thing is for walking and stuff like that.
I just used that loser as a foot rest for my feet.
by Trillesimo March 22, 2008
something used to pack luggage. usually done blindfolded
"Sir, do you know what you paked?" asked the woman looking at my luggage. "No i feet." i said. "ohhh" the lady screamed
by heebie jeebie March 06, 2003

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