To tie a persons mouth, feet and hands together and force them to smell your feet.
Why did you feet me?

by Forces February 12, 2008
the things you use to walk and stand often have shoes or socks on them
hey look at my feet they make me stand
by alan March 06, 2004
things at the end of your legs
my feets are getting tired
by Anonymous June 22, 2003
Those wiggly doodads connected to your shins.

(if you're really looking this up, you're a sodding moron.)
Bob: Hey Mike. What are those wiggly doodads connected to your shins?

Mike: They're my feet.
by RideTheWalrus! January 02, 2009
The proper plural of "foot"
Mark, to do this swing dancing move, you need to move your feets like this.
by nightofswingdancing June 29, 2009
Chair finders
It is so dark in here, I think I need to use my feet to find some where to sit.
by rawr master2432 September 25, 2009
things that are used to cram in body cavities
stick those feet in here
by j-man holmes stevens November 20, 2002

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