You stand on them... Commonly used in the infamous activity known as walking.
Steve- Hey Jonathon! How are you gonna get around since your car was towed?
Jonathon- Luckily I had a handy ole pair of of feet lying right under my legs...
by Curtis Chavoustie December 23, 2007
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What lots of people like to suck, lick, and just enjoy in their face
"Two girls from my grade licked each others' feet, sucked each others' toes, and they told me they had fun."
by RecT January 31, 2004
The highest part of your body when you are doing a handstand.
I am left-feeted.
by Mike Sergio Loecher November 20, 2002
The body part(s) that surface(s) from the lower base of your leg(s). It(They) is(are) connected to your leg(s) via the ankle(s).

Feet have several uses, the most obvious being the fact that they are used to walk on. Each foot has five digits, called toes. Most woman paint their toenails, an act called a pedicure.

Feet also have several not-so-obvious uses. Besides the fact that many woman paint their toenails, many women also use their feet & toes to give a footjob. In essence, the uses for feet are endless! Some disabled people have completely replaced their hands with their feet! Many can drive a car with their toes!
Samantha painted her toenails red. Her feet are very sexy.

Samantha gave me a footjob.

Samantha can drive her car with her toes!
by Seth February 01, 2004
A device used for finding legos in the dark.
by fuckyouimspiderman from fj October 30, 2011
The lowest part of the body, just below the legs, used for walking and running, swimming, and many sports. Considered to be an attaractive part of the body by some.
During crawlstroke, you use your feet to do a flutter kick.

When Clare wears sandals, you can see how pretty her feet are.
by G-to-the-Reg May 14, 2005
The things with the toenails on them.
To my suprise, my feet are awesome.
by Mike Sergio Loecher November 20, 2002
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