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To be in tune with the latest styles, lingo, skills, or information. Mostly used in reference to someone who isn't -- one who doesn't feel your speed. Usually said by someone way ahead of the crowd in trends, fashion, skills, or information. Used in reference to a race where one is among (or no where near) the leaders and can (or can't) feel the roar of the other engines.

1. That punk don't even feel my speed, and he ain't never gonna.

2. Feel my speed, bitch! (Catch up to where I am)

3. Now you're feelin' my speed.

4. I whipped his ass so bad in one-on-one, he couldn't even feel my speed.

5. That brotha came so fast she couldn't even feel his speed. (sometimes it's a bad thing.)
by kevnar July 31, 2006

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