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The act of masturbation.

It is said that the hand gesture used by masturbators is reminiscent of a farm hand distributing feed to the chickens.
What have you been doing today?
Nothing much. Just sitting around, feeding the chickens.
by Mordechai Vanunu August 24, 2007
A greeting, usually signified by one person wiggling their fingers in an upward like manner while the other person places their hand ontop of sed person's hand and reflects that action. Once you have "fed the chickens" both persons must then call each other bitches and return to what they were previously doing.
feeding the chickens
guy 1: *wiggles fingers
guy 2: *wiggles fingers
guy1 and guy2: bitch
*walk away*
by CrazyEight October 28, 2009
feeding the chickens is when a man cums on the floor after intercourse and their mates cleans it up by eating it.
bock bock chicken chicken bock bock chickenhead.
After feeding the chickens, the girls asked for more.
by Megan Rushing October 10, 2006
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