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One of the best bands in recent history. There albums Y.W.T.S and Echo Park are they best i have ever owned. God bless them and there music(under the weather - most underrated song)
"'Coz your a friend, i blame,myself"
"Your my anesthetic"
by question mark August 02, 2004
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The word "feeder" is usually used to in reference to a person who enjoys feeding another person. This is often for sexual reasons as the feeder is attracted to large bodies and the feedee is interested in becoming such a large body. However, the word was originally used in reference to scat. A feeder is a person who poops for another person. Where food is concerned the two roles are referred to as the feeder and the feedee. Where feces are concerned the two roles are referred to as the feeder and the eater. Some people will switch roles and others are strictly feeder or eaters. A feeder derives a sexual thrill from shitting for another and watching the other eat the excrement.
Mandy has always wanted to eat poop but she won't eat her own. She needs to find a feeder.
by Friendly Bryan January 06, 2014
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a word for a human looking for a fix or to get high from a vampire's (a Moroi's) bite. Moroi are good. If it's from a Strigoi, you die id they suck out all your blood. If they suck it out and then you drink their blood, you then become a Strigoi. I learned this from Vampire Academy, although I am sure that everything in the series by Richelle Mead is pure fiction, coming from Romanian History/Folklore and stuff. =) Both Moroi and Strigoi *need* blood. ! the feeders get high and feel estatic during and a little bit after the bite.
The feeders were in the small room, sitting on stools, waiting for their next fix. The Moroi were excited to take a drink, for their day had been busy and they needed energy.
by -Vampire Academy Fan! <3 March 18, 2011
2 2
In Tremulous, a noob player who lets the enemy team killing him, giving them advantage over his own team.
Stop feeding fucking noobs!!!

Please, don't feed.

Stupid feeder!!!
by ampiku July 10, 2008
4 4
When a highschool male "feeds" or likes talking to the underclassmen females.
Collin, stop being a feeder to those freshman girls. They are really annoying.
by Tom Thabomb August 18, 2010
1 3
one who rapes booty at call of duty
holy schnike that guy just went 100 and 3. He's a feeder!
by penelopefeedaprosexy December 14, 2010
2 7
-Someone who expects quality yet does nothing to deserve it

-Someone who expects quality yet doesn't provide quality his/herself.

Our boss is such a feeder. We work all day and all he does is sit on his fat-ass.
by Gupp June 28, 2007
3 11