A technique used when someone passes out out from excessive alcohol consumption and requires reviving.

Feeding the pony, involves placing your cocaine laced hand under the subjects mouth, while he licks it in his slumbered state.
Hey Swiss Chris! Martins passed out again, time to feed the pony...
by uliusB June 21, 2007
Top Definition
The act of rubbing the vaginal area with a slightly cupped hand, the same hand position as used to feed a horse a sugar cube for instance.
OMIGOD! i was just in the bakery and Billy Miggins and Julie Mc Scrooly were. . . well let's just say he was feeding the pony. And the pony was chewing. it was fucking biting back. Arrrrrgh man that's one fucking dangerous pony.
by Ricey December 18, 2002
An act of bagging a hot girl on a night out, only then sober up whilst with her and reject her to her face.
This is achieved by mocking her to her face, feigning to give her some sugar cubes and asking to "feed the pony".
James: "This girl I've been snogging looks like a fucking 'orse"
James: "Heer y'are girl, feed the pony"
by Alee-star August 30, 2012
lesbian sex
Sally feeds the pony
by Chopster December 14, 2002
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