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Female masturbation.
- Brb gotta feed the cat.
- Back, my hands smell like fish now.
- Do your cats like fish?
- No I... never mind.
by Elmosus November 05, 2008
5 9
Another way of saying I'm going home to have a session.
Cakes: I have to go home to feed the cat!
Vic: You need to lay off the 6 paper joints!
by boltis May 18, 2010
45 10
An electro/dubstep/EDM mixtape by Ephixa showcasing multiple Monstercat label songs. Usually around 30 minutes to an hour long.
Feed The Cat Mixtape - 60 minutes of Electro Dubstep and EDM from Monstercat - Mixed by Ephixa - YouTube
by erthkwake February 13, 2013
17 2
To have sexual intercourse with a woman.
-Guys I'm going to run, got to go "Feed the Cat".

-Dude you don't have a cat.

-No but my girlfriend has a pussy and it's hungry...
by kold93 April 04, 2009
16 9
A phrase used in place of vomiting.
She got so drunk, she was feeding the cats all night.
by Alissa August 21, 2003
5 1
Using feeding the cats as an excuse to leave and go masturbate at home
Hey ummm guys I gotta go home and feed the cats
by Dj damrow September 12, 2007
3 2
An excuse used in mixed company when you want to leave and have a bowel movement in your own toilet.
Sorry guys I would love to stay and talk but I have to go home and feed the cat.
by Tlai May 05, 2006
10 11