In the unfederal United Kingdom - any policeperson - uniformed or otherwise. A word absorbed from imported TV.
This fed stopped me up for riding my bike on the pavement!
by aranazo February 05, 2005
The state of being fucked up.
"Let's go out and get F'ed with Harvey tonight."
by Tremz and Ronald December 31, 2008
real, or the opposite of fake real inside and out or legit
britney says "ew that girl is fake" then the girls best friend jenny says shoo nigga that girl ain't fake she fed!
by PBK 4 LIFE October 15, 2008
flaccid ejaculate (ed). Often when an ultra sexy girl walks by in a skimpy outfit, your penis does not have time to reach boner status, and it simply goes off right then and there.
D:Hey dude, check out Perfect Girl.

Z: Oh god... FE'd.
by sdraw September 02, 2008
dem people
nigga haters
dem feds n town son, dont get loose on tha phone
by d-mane April 16, 2008
Acronym meaning "French English Dictionary".
"Damnit! I can't understand this french word. Can I use your F.E.D. Bob"

"Yeah sure Eric, here's my F.E.D."

"Thanks Dude. I'll give you it back before class ends"
by Young FEDZ October 25, 2009
Basically means awesome.
This is Fed
Im just so fed
Ahh theres a fed; fed
by Luca Engberg July 08, 2011

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