Two females that take enjoyment from screaming in cell phones, laughing at the Sephora staff that is unable to properly apply make up, sneak under JCPenny tables without Jamaicans noticing, counting how many calories the fat girls consume at the lunch table, and best of all, avoiding the autistic boy's outbursts when coring an apple. Also, people who enjoy tourmenting the mexicans in DA BAY, and leaving purring messages on their cell phones, when, of course, the air horn was dead. They also enjoy a lot derived from 'The Bay', like for example THIZZ DANCING. Even though it is from California, the FEDS have learned to perfect the THIZZ FACE FROWN like no otha. Formally known as the TAKE MONEY HOES, before their myspace was deleted because of Mallory the calories. Enjoys spittin' the mad raps along with da young infamous ryno'z beatz. Takes vigorous trips to Russia and back, exploring the deep terrain. The animals, the water, oh so dangerous. When returning to the homeland, they enjoy watching the cooking channel.These 'FEDS' make up their own 'FED' language, including nothing but mispronounced words and gorilla movements. Also, discusses how weak Sandra Lee and Robin Miller are. The United States Government is very threatened by these two, because of their attempt to make a capital to the unowned Antarctica. They misunderstood serious concern with laughter. What sack suckers. Also, because of their very heart for abiding the law, they seek to point out any illegal mexicans, and the fat girls they are fucking, AKA Danielle THE HAM Munoz. This monster of a being has a restraining order put on her by the FEDS, because of an attempt to 'cop a feel' on Big Papi AFED's burger. The Big Mommma CFED would not let this shit continue! The national mexican protection program has been trying to get in touch with these two for quite some time now, but no response, probably because these FEDS were too busy talking to their sistah from anotha mista, Big Momma Nat Tho. But, when it comes down to the end of the day, these FEDS are just two females who, deep down, love eating cookie dough and yelling at the cooking channel.
'Look at dem FEDS, they know how to werk it, y0'
'Hey, i'm EMAN and you're Danielle. FEED me hunny'
by AFED and CFED Shunnas October 19, 2007
Top Definition
Rudeboys word for the Police. Even though its slang for the FBI in the U.S.
"Oi, we be'er blurt man! Dere's too many feds 'round 'ere."
by Anonymous April 28, 2003
(n) Agents for the FEDeral Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Or, loosely, any federal agent(s) or agency, usually law enforcement related.
The feds broke dowm my grandma's door and stole her weed stash!
by Christopher Loomis August 20, 2005
Slang for an agent from the FBI.
I was caught by the feds on Saturday.
by 1337 Str33t Ninj4 August 17, 2004
An agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
We gotta get ou of here before the feds land up...
by Abhishek September 26, 2003
Slang term for police in England. Who knows why because it came from the FBI (Feds - Federal Bureau of Investigation) who are an AMERICAN law enforcement agency (tool of the government aha), NOT English. used by many 'gangstas' in England who seem to have identity confusion with Americans. Some would call them chavs.
the feds are cumin, breeze
by Henry_ze_german June 09, 2007
Short for the United State's Federal Reserve. The fed tries to keep the US economy under control by controlling banks and minting money.
The fed got a new chairman in October, his name is Ben.
by Nemrem February 14, 2006
Is primarily known to mean Federal agents. Sometimes known as cops. Other times known as anyone that has anything to do with the government. However, another common term for this word is money. Feds=money(in no certain denomination)
1.I robbed a bank last night, and now the feds are after me
2.Dang yo, i wanna go to the stripclub but i aint got no feds
by AjRaCeR September 25, 2007
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