When one wears their ballcap slightly askew.
The way C.C. Sabathia or Coco Crisp wear their ballcaps. "Hey that wigger is pulling a federline!"
by SaltyCracker July 24, 2004
Top Definition
1. (n) a male version of a gold digger, willing to sacrifice integrity and respect for a life of comfort. The beneficiary of a Sugar Mama.
2. (n) one who latches on to a wealthy ladyfriend, in order to avoid working or a tradionational occupation. Easily identifiable by their lack of ambition and individual thought (relational equivalent of the Yes Man in the business world).
"Stedman is Oprah's federline"
"That guy has no talent to speak of. It's a good thing he's a federline."
by Kristomie April 13, 2005
A useless hanger-on. Someone who brought nothing to the table and is sitting there anyway. A zero in an entourage. An "I'm just lucky to be here" guy.
Ringo Starr was totally the federline of The Beatles.
by Benzabenbenbenzino April 05, 2005
Federline, Kevin: Britney Spears' useless, lazy, indolent excuse for a husband. A 'dancer' by trade.
Lal: Wow, that Federline guy is so whipped, Britney has him wrapped around her finger.
Cas: Yeah, well at least he'll never go hungry.
by Lal August 08, 2005
verb: To mooch off of a wealthy woman, displaying no skills of your own other than knocking her up and ensuring your own future income. Dressing poorly is optional; considering the word "pimp" a compliment is not.

adjective: To be like KFed; to attach yourself to a rich woman, marry her and live off of her while trying to promote your own lame Eminem-not-like "career," as well as sleazing around, cornrowing your skanky white hair and avoiding showers and baths as if they would make you melt.
That's just gross; he's just federlining now that he has that rich girlfriend. Plus he smells like patchouli, trying to cover up that three-day-old skank. I hope he doesn't take off his shoes!

Can't she see he's just trying to federline her?

I don't know; Ben used to be cool, but now he's become too federline for me. Maybe it's the constant ball-scratching.
by Schultz Hardin April 18, 2006
(verb) To latch onto someone else's money, talent and fame, while offering nothing of yourself except your (dubious) talent (in bed). to stop washing one's own hair (and possibly to stop bathing entirely), start wearing manpris, untie one's shoes and skank all over the place, doing nothing to pull one's own icky weight, unless spawning is considering a . Federline, to Federline, Federlining, Federlined, etc.

Can also be used as an adjective.
1. Ewwww, look! He's Federlining all over that girl!
2. I don't know; Ben Affleck's just become too Federline for my taste.
by Xenu2001 April 12, 2006
1. Talentless, wannabe black, male goldigger....
2. Any backup dancer who thinks just because they appeared in a couple of videos can fully release a meaningful, solo hiphop/pop album (previously known as a paula abdul)
3. Living proof that former "popstar" Britney Spears posseses the Intelligence of an Indonesian Ourang-otang.
4. The ultimate Trailer Trash Hill Billie's fantasy
5. Future "VH1's Surreal life" guest
1. Were it not for the rap talent, Eminem would surely be a Federline
2. Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Federline are the hosts of American Idol
3. Sean "P. diddy" Combs was once a Federline
by Killmike March 28, 2006
Any male between the ages of 17 and 30 who is a complete loser. Considered a man child and a human sponge. Lacking any real talent or education.
A Federline finds women with jobs to support him. His M.O. is to get his victims pregnant and to confuse them with romantic "pipe dreams". Otherwise known as a leech, a real Federline will use just about anyone he can. Lacking any formal education, he usually goes through life being a wannabe or poser. He usually ends up being a male prostitute
Kevin Federline is the inspiration for this term. Homeless, jobless, and talent less. He gets women pregnant in order to secure his "meal-ticket".
by Bode December 10, 2006
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