a bunch of people go out and have alot of fun. they do lots of things. federalism is also an art. like mousklikking federalism requires alot of skill also like mouse klikking
mouse klikking
by anomynous mouseklikker September 26, 2003
Top Definition
a system of government; a power sharing arrangement between sub-state actors pooling soverignty; powers and responsibilities of state and sub-state actors measure the centralisation of the federalist state
U.S. first federalist state followed by Switzerland. Others include Germany, Austria, Australia, and Canada.
by J. Parsons May 12, 2005
federalism is a piece of shit. Its a bad form of government that involves a bunch of rich people going out, getting stones, fucking, and diciding whats best for the country, while the other 99 percent of the population starves in the streets and are forced to eat babies.
everyone hates federalism except people from Canada
by Nick Nicholson April 20, 2005
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