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short for rederal; I.E. currecy; Money.
I'm all bout dat feddy and nuthin else
by Shipp December 03, 2003
Money, short for the Spanish word "feria" meaning money.
How you doing on the feddy?
I'm kinda short, you know.
by stop it loser March 03, 2011
An abbreviation for Forever, Everyday Damn Day of the Year. Kanasas City Slang normally used in popular gangs. An adoption of the word fetti.
Everything I do is about F.E.D.D.Y.
by Tatte April 25, 2006
N. Cash. As in "federal-ies"
Yo Ezekiel, You got those feddies you owe me?
by Chris May 28, 2003
Adj. - Abbreviation for the word federal - describing the seriousness or the unique level of a situation or thing -derived from the knowledge that catching a federal case would be very serious.
The hydraulics on Pookie's new whip are feddy!
by Sarahnade July 08, 2010
adj. cool, good.
boy, your ride be feddy, dawg.
by twitch July 21, 2003
to act as though you're an old man
That kid acts so feddy, he reminds me of my grandfather.
by bwuce lee December 03, 2007
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