Of Irish origin, feck is what a lady says when she really wants to say fuck
So Mary is a real lady, when she gets mad she says feck it anyway instead of fuck it
Me Mam told me to tell ye to feck off
by yatenga December 09, 2011
a slang term meaning "fuck" used by the Irish and thoes of Irish decent.

When "fuck" is pronounced with a heavy irish accent, it sounds like "feck" which has now been adopted as a word in and of itself by thoes of irish decent, but without irish accents.
Oiefa, our exchange student from ireland, called me a "feckin eegit"

Sarah's grandparents were from county cork, and she says feck all the time.
by Oiefa Sheeny August 19, 2007
Having a thick, fat neck.
"Man, he has a feck!!!"
by A.A and C.S December 31, 2005
fuck 'the difference is the letter U'
seen in almost famous
by kelsey April 05, 2005
if used in front of parents, its the worst thing for u to do.
"feck you!" she screams to her mum, as she runs down the driveway.
by osxar July 03, 2004
Slang expletive, an alternative to fuck. Also "large quantity," and "throw," and "steal."
He fecks out of his mother's purse all the time.
Baby fecked her lunch across the room.
The freight train had a feck of boxcars.
He was ornery the feck of the week
by wclay1 January 22, 2011

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